Do you want to know where some of the worst places are for men to meet and attract women are?
Bars and clubs, online dating, speed dating events and anywhere else where you r primary purpose for being there is to meet and attract women.
Now that you might have noticed that these are also some of the most common places to meet women as well.
Perhaps you are wondering why these places are some of the worst when it comes to attracting women.
The biggest reason why these are the worst places to go is that as a man you want to limit the amount of time you spend in a life in which your main or sole purpose is to attract or seduce women.
While women might be flattered by the thought it is going to take much more for you to attract them when you are starting off in a position of them already knowing that that is whey you are here.
Another reason why is at places where the main intent is attraction it is much more difficult for you to discover which women are good girls and which ones are simply out to get a guy and not in a good way.
Also, many quality women avoid these places because they are looking for a man in which they have a much stronger connection that a simple desire to be with the opposite sex.
In the end, while these places might be the worst when it comes to meeting and attracting women, they are still better than doing nothing and should be considered until up can expand your social circle and activities in a way that eliminates the need for them.

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