When I first started looking for ways to make money online the first program I joined was One&Only internet personals. They were a personals dating affiliate program that dealt with matchmaking and singles personals ads online.

One&Only has since been taken over by Match.com one of the largest match making personals dating sites on the internet today. I still get paid monthly from them for the advertising I do on my internet personals web site. http://www.free-love-personals.com

Internet personals have become big business. And the amount of affiliate programs you could join to make money online with has quadrupled.

The way these sites work is that you the advertiser advertise on your site free personals ads or look at free personals ads with photos. Now here comes the catch. Let’s say that the person reading the ads actually finds someone they are interested in. They will not be able to contact that person until they purchase a subscription. After they have purchased a subscription and you have received a commission only then will they be given the persons contact information.

Match.com pays out $18.71 for a one month subscription $33.64 for a 3 month subscription and $49.28 for a six month subscription. As you can see, with just a few subscriptions you’re looking at a pretty decent commission check. And they pay out every month regardless of how much is owed to you.

These programs are real and paying out real money. Even Yahoo has its own internet personals service called Yahoo Personals. You can make money selling subscriptions to Yahoo personals by joining a 3rd party affiliate program called commission junction. Commission Junction actually has 100s of affiliate programs you could join to make money online. But we will leave that for another article.

If you want to make money online with internet personals it is highly recommended that you get your own domain name and create a web site. In fact with any make money online business you should have your own domain and create a content rich web site that is relevant to the programs you want to promote.
Relevance is the key to the success of any good web site. Pick a topic then build your site around that topic.

Example. With a personals site add content which includes such thing as horoscopes, zodiac signs, ask Ann or ask whomever, dating articles or advice columns you name it. There are probably hundreds of thing you can put on your dating site. Be creative and don’t be afraid to trade links with other dating sites.

Next you’re going to want to find a few good dating affiliate programs. As I mentioned above Match.com is one of the best. If you would like to join Match.com affiliate program click o the following link.


Also join commission junction and add the Yahoo Personals affiliate program to your arsenal.

Try not to over do it. 2 or 3 programs will do to get you started. After that it’s up to you to build good content around your site and advertise ill you get the desired traffic.

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