What is hard work:
More than 90% of the people work below the neck and 10% of the people work from the head. The 90% do the hard work. Hard work is mostly done by the labor class people. When you work for a prolong period without much rest. It involves a lot of physical work.
Why not to work hard: Due to following reasons:
It requires a lot of efforts and time
Output is very less as compare to the amount of effort put
Less chances of getting success
Many times we get cut off from the rest of the world
Often we can’t take out the time for family
After working so hard for a long time we get tired and then work hardly
What is smart work:
It is done by the 10% of the people. It mainly involves mind work. More importantly you work for yourself.
Why to do smart work: Due to following reasons:
Output is very more for the amount of effort put
More chances of getting success
Success does not come at the cost of family, health, society, etc.
How to do smart work: The very essence of the smart work is as follow

I. Goals: Select the goals and objective. The goals should be:
State your out come in positive terms.
Be as specific as possible:
Have an evidence procedure i.e. know how you will look; feel and what you will see and hear in your external world after you have achieved your out come.
Be in control i.e. your out come must be initiated and maintained by you. It must not depend on other people having to change themselves for you to be happy.
It should be time bound.
And more importantly, WRITE DOWN YOUR GOALS.

II. Plan Your Work Then Work Your Plan : Planning is a must for any work to be carried out smoothly because , ' If you FAIL to PLAN then you are PLANNING to FAIL'. While planning try your best to Prevent the problems and wastage because problems may grow much bigger later on & it become difficult to solve.

III. Be Creative:
Do not try to reinvent the wheel.
Try to simplify you work and consider other prospective also.
Do it differently.
You should not only think ‘what’ it should be but ‘what’ it can be.

IV. Set Deadline: Deadlines are very essential to do a work on time. This helps us to utilize your time. Be a little flexible because many times some unavoidable and urgent tasks come in our way which needs immediate attention. It may take much of our allotted time which leaves less time for the given task. As a result, workers feel compelled to use short-cuts to complete the task on time. This may result serious accidents. Therefore, deadlines should be flexible so that task may be finish with ‘ease and peace’.
Avoid working for long period of time because this often causes fatigue. Take small brakes in between. This will keep you fresh.

V. Work as per Priority: Follow ' First Thing First" rule. The important thing is to be done first. The least important or unimportant is to be done at last or not to be done at all.

VI. Mark A Place for Everything: Mark a definite place for your tools, keys, pen, etc. then make a habit of putting everything at its Marked place. This will enable you to find them easily and you will save much of your time.

VII. Maintain Records: It’s very important to maintain the record of your work. This helps to view and check your performance. You come to know that how far you have come & how far you have to go. Besides, you come to know if the present problem had come in the past. If so, it will be easy to solve the present problem.

VIII. Sharpen Your Tools: Time to time you must up-to-date your knowledge and skills. Moreover, be in touch with the latest technology and information to stay with the current.

IX. Do What You Love & Love What you Do: Research findings indicate that 80% of people do not like their job. And 20% like their job and thrive in their life. You can’t be successful if you hate what you are doing. You must do what you love. Because if you do so, work becomes play and you enjoy it and you no longer worried about time. Your whole heart will be into it and success will not be far away. This is one of the main traits found among the highly successful people. They all had a passion for their work. And love what you do. If you are to do a task which you do not like then make it lovable by doing it differently.

X. Do not Try to Be Perfect: You must not try to be perfect because:
Perfection is a goal which is desirable but not achievable.
A perfectionist attitude causes too much stress and 'burn out syndrome' very soon.
Too much time is wasted to get the 'perfect finish' that leaves other important thing not done or poorly done.
A perfectionist avoids any ' input' for further improvements because he thinks he knows everything.
Instead of perfection you must adopt CANI [Constant And Never-ending Improvementment]. This is a way of making small-small improvements in various places. For example, choose four things from your personal as well as professional life and make a point to improve 01% in a week. After a week you'll be improved by 08% and in a month 32% and so on. Improvement must be consistent because its not an end to be reached but a journey. You must remember: So long you grow, you are green. When you are ripen, you are rotten.

XI. Win The Heart: the people are the most important factor for any business because whatever we do we do for the people and by the people. And this is the most important factor, shown by highly successful managers, businessmen and organizations around the world. They try their best to create a good first impression believe," If we win the HEARTS of our employees, their HEADS and HANDS will automatically work for us." For this following points could be useful:
Treat them with respect and dignity.
Give them chance to grow and expand.
Trust them.
Listen their problems, needs suggestions etc. carefully and provide required help .
Motivate them to give their best rather forcing them to work.

Your employees and subordinates help you to expand your business or help you to get higher chair and status. Do not neglect them. If care for them, you won’t regret it.
If you really want to live a life KING--SIZE then work smarter not harder.

Author's Bio: 

I am a life skill trainer. I have been into the counseling since last four years.