I like to pick a word that represents what I want to experience in any given period of time. It can be a new word for a new year, or a new month, or a new season, whatever you like. You could also choose a word at the start of a new project or even a new relationship. Whatever word you choose should excite you and make you feel good. It should feel powerful and be filled with promise and most importantly the process of choosing this word should be fun.

This is a word that you can speak, write or make into a post-it note, or sign on your wall, that you will see often and enjoy looking at. You can be creative about your presentation. One person I know of had his word tattooed on his arm. I don't recommend getting that carried away.

In the past, I have chosen words that embodied the essence, of the things I wanted to create and experience more of in my life, such as:

MISCHIEVOUS - that was a good year

I think you are getting my drift. You will be surprised by how much impact just doing this one little exercise can have upon your life.

So, please spend a few minutes thinking about your word today and if nothing comes to you, not to worry, just let it go and the right word will show up at the perfect time. I asked for mine in January and it showed up yesterday morning.

My word is "FRUITFUL".
I looked it up in the dictionary and here is what it means:
prolific, high-yielding; fruit-bearing, productive, constructive, useful, worthwhile, helpful, beneficial, valuable, rewarding, profitable, advantageous, gainful, successful, effective, well-spent.

I want 2009 to be very Fruitful for you and for me. How about you? What is your power word going to be?

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