We are all the same.

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The specific area of discussion for this article is an implication for shaping our awareness of others be they fellow human or other forms of life. While it mentions others issues of discussion it does not address them here. Please refer to the above-mentioned work for a more complete discussion of these items. Also a continued discussion of the implications of the concept introduced here are addressed in the primary writing as well as additional writings.

Please remember some basic premises when reading this article:

Keep an open mind and an open heart.
Communication of an idea or concept takes time. Accomplishing this may take several attempts. While this article may not help accomplish this others might.
Take time to reflect. True understanding comes from within. True insights are those that occur once you realize a new degree of awareness.
Expect change to occur. Expect that your awareness and sense of self will grow.

This writing strives to communicate this basic premise. Namely the presence of life that is found in any living thing is the same no matter what form that that living thing takes. We will use a basic example of the sense of existence of an animal. We will then move to our human sense of self.

The elemental force of life is the same.

All expressions of life are essentially the same. That same elemental force that caused the basic components of life to come together to manifest the first vestiges of living cells is found in all forms that we see today.

Each living bacteria, plant and animal that we see today is the result of a process that has been in the works for eons of time. That process is the active expression of life as found on our planet. This force of life is an ongoing process. While we don’t know where the process will lead, we can see its results.

If you take a look around you what do you see?

Do you see any plants, insects, birds, small animals, or fellow humans? Any living thing that you see has a history as to how it got to where it currently is. Any living thing takes it physical form as dictated by its genetic makeup. A mixture of genetics (instinct) or environmental conditioning shapes its behavior.

Generally speaking lower life forms are governed more by genetics (hard-wired) while higher life forms are influenced to a greater degree by the environment. (It is beyond the scope of this article to discuss the “nature vs nurture” question suffice it to say that there are learned or environmentally shaped behaviors)

The makeup of any living thing is the result of evolution. (Generally speaking, once again this article will not address the questions of evolution.) That process often called “Survival of the Fittest” has resulted in many diversion forms of life filling all possible niches of the world’s environment.

Let’s assume that you observe two oak trees outside your window. Each of these plants has an identical genetic make-up. They are going to react to their environment in pretty much the same way. Namely to grow as high and as wide as their respective genetic make-ups dictate. The life that is expressed in them is fairly basic. The roots spread deep into the ground. The leaves reach up to the sunlight. Their physical shape is influenced by the presence of other plants and other environmental factors. Various chemical processes take place to allow the tree to grow and exist. It has a simple existence. Without any capabilities of awareness (none with the science that we currently know of) they are a “simple” expression of life. Though they have no noticeable self-awareness they are individuals. One is one tree the other is a different one. While they are different from one another they are the same in that they are both an expression of life. That expression of life is the same in both.

Lets focus on one particular individual living thing that you may see around you that is more then the simplest expression of life.

Let’s assume that you see a squirrel outside of your window. Can you tell the difference between the squirrel you see now as opposed to others that you have seen elsewhere? They may have been approximately the same size and color. They probably had the same behaviors. Quickly scurrying from branch to branch or tree to tree. Their quick movements aid in their survival. It is much more difficult for predators to capture a fast darting source of protein then a slow moving virtually defenseless food source. The animal you see now may have learned some unique things about its immediate locale. The animal probably has mapped the path to neighborhood bird feeders. A path that avoids any resident dog or other animals whose territories it must cross that would pose a threat.

Any squirrel that you happen across more or less has the same physical characteristics. They also have the same learning potential. They also have the same behaviors both instinctive and learned. Any two squirrels side by side are pretty much the same but each one in its own way is unique. In their own way they think of themselves as individuals. More then likely one squirrel would be challenged by the presence of the other. They each would defend their respective territories. From their point of view they are very different from each other in a very fundamental manner. Simply put each squirrel sees it’s self as the most important thing in its life. Their own individual survival is of paramount importance. Each is driven by an internal need to live. One squirrel thinks to itself – “I am me and you are not”.

From each individuals point of view. (This works for Squirrels, Humans and any other living thing.)

Each individual, no matter what the form, views themselves as different then others. Each has a degree of awareness of themselves as individuals. They react to the world around them. Their actions are governed by their instinct or learned behavior whichever one accomplishes the given immediate need. We won’t debate or explore just how aware of themselves squirrel or let alone humans are suffice it to say that they all have some measure of awareness.

Each squirrel has motivations. Granted they may be very basic in nature but they are there none the less. There is an awareness of sorts. Just how deep that awareness goes is one that we may never know. We can be pretty sure though that the sense of awareness is a function of their respective brain structure.

Now try to put yourself in the squirrel’s point of view. Your awareness of the world and your awareness of self are fairly fundamental. Your emotions are probably pretty basic as well. Your needs are basic. You need to forage each day. Defend your territory from others. Avoid being eaten. Seek a mate when the instinct arises. Your needs and your ability to satisfy them determine your sense of the world. Your sense of self exists to the extent that your brain has the capacity to formulate that awareness.

All the squirrels before you have had pretty much the same existence. Given that you evolved over time your ancestors had these same abilities and qualities. Your current existence is the result of that process that took place over the long eons of time.

Each form of life that we see is the result of life seeking expression.

Life’s manifested existence (what we see as forms of life, be they oak tree squirrel or human) is the result of life seeking to find expression. That measure of life that exists in one form of life is the same as the life that exists in another.

Life as a fundamental existence is the same no matter what the form.

While each is an individual the presence of life in each is the same.

That presence of life seeks expression. That expression started eons ago when the first vestiges of life found form in the primordial soup of long ago.

The presence of life that is found in any living thing is the same no matter what form that, that living thing takes.

Let’s jump to the Human point of view.

We are neither oak trees nor squirrels. We are human. But really just how different are we? We have life. We have a degree of self-awareness. We view ours selves as individuals. We react to world motivated by our needs. Our needs are greater then the “lower” forms of life that surround us. The physical processes that make up our bodies are essentially the same in all forms of life.

The root “driver” of any form of life that we see is the same.

The life that makes us up seeks expression. Just as it seeks expression in any life form that we happen across.

While the depth of our awareness is greater then other life forms we find it is still just a matter of degree. It is the same expression of life. It just varies to the degree that we are enabled to have greater awareness. We may have a greater range of motivations but the root cause of those motivations is the expression of life. And that is common to all forms of life.

Dare to compare yourself to a fellow human. (This is where we will strive for some awakened awareness.)

Have you ever truly compared yourself to another human? Think about this.

Each of us possesses awareness and consciousness. Each of us varies in their maturity level or state of Joy. (For now we will simply refer to a state of Joy as an emotional state.) The depths of these states are dependent largely on our individual experiences. For the most part we all have the same capacity to reach the same level of maturity or exist in similar state of Joy.

That awareness that we possess is the result of the expression of life. The awareness and sense of self that we each have is the same in each of us. While its depth and intensity may vary from one individual to another it is still the same in each.

While we may think of ourselves as individuals, separate and unique from one another we are actually the same. The life that finds expression in one is the same as is expressed in another.

Right now, while you are reading, think about this. You are aware of the world around you. You have emotions and desires. You experience a level of Joy and have expectations of things to come. This awareness is from the expression of the life that is you. Well, that expression of life is the same that is found in other humans. The awareness that you have is the same awareness that is found in others.

When you see someone else try this exercise. Pretend that the other person is you. The world that they perceive is the same one that you perceive. The emotional state that they are in is the same as yours. The awareness that they have of the world around them is the same awareness that you have.

Try to maintain this awareness of another. Their emotional state, the depth of their maturity has been shaped by the sum of their experiences. If you as an individual where subject to the same factors that they where subject to you would be virtually the same as they.

And this brings us to:

The individuality that we are aware of exists in all others. Individuality exists because we are aware of the world around us. That awareness is something that is common to all. Its depth may vary but it is the same for each of us. It results from the expression of life.

We are all quite literally the same.

Think of the happiest moment of your life. For most we can use the feeling of Christmas morning as a child. (Or any other time that you felt complete and total joy, a time when an emotion filled your existence to the exclusion of all else.) The awareness that we experienced in such moments is the same awareness that is experienced by another who might be standing right beside you experiencing the same thing. It is a commonality among all.

The awareness that we are striving to communicate is:

All life is essentially the same no matter what the form may be. The “force” that is life works through organic structures and processes to create individuals that have varying degrees of awareness. That awareness of self, the resulting sense of being an individual is common to anything that is alive. It is just a matter of degree.

As such we are all in essence the same.

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