Wonderpowers: Discover Your Inner Superhero

Wonderpowers are positive thinking tools for healing and self-empowerment to give us a Super-Human attitude adjustment. Combined with the new SCIO quantum physics technology, it enables us to balance mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically.
“Being a mere mortal is no longer enough to survive in today’s world. Life is hard,” says Maggie Moline in her new self-help audiobook, Wonder Powers: Discover Your Inner Super Hero. She helps people don the capes they were born to wear and unlock the strength they already possess.
This lighthearted audiobook describes the various “Wonderpowers” one needs to achieve balance and happiness. They are positive thinking tools for healing and self-improvement to help people undergo a “superhuman attitude adjustment.” Inspired by Wonder Woman TM, Moline uses succinct, enthusiastic ideas to encourage people to re-claim powers ranging from “forgiveness power” to “dream power.”
She also touts a quantum physics biofeedback technology that balances a person mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically by reading more than 10,000 frequencies in a person’s energy field. Invented by Dr. Bill Nelson, the EPFX/SCIO tells within three minutes the top 280 deficiencies in one’s energy field,” Moline writes. She describes how the Wonderpowers can be studied in conjunction with the use of this device to boost a person’s overall quality of life.
In addition to details about Moline’s paid Wonderpower sessions with the SCIO and several testimonials, Wonderpowers touches on releasing spirit oppression, negative karmic thought patterns, negative effects of trauma and resistance to change.
“Today we all have to be like Superheroes,” Moline says. “You don’t have to be Wonder Woman TM to experience Wonderpowers! If you keep your eyes open, you’ll see there are wonder men and women everywhere! Positive people everywhere are greatly impacting themselves and society with their wonderpowers.”
Moline was inspired to create Wonder Powers after playing Wonder Woman TM in a DC Comic/Warner Brothers live action stunt show at Six Flags Fiesta Texas. She offers customers sessions with the SCIO device and works as a biofeedback practitioner. Moline has also studied at the Southern California Psychic Institute. More information is available at www.wonderpowers.com and the cd is available at http://cdbaby.com/cd/maggiemoline.

Author's Bio: 

About Maggie Moline:

Maggie Moline has worked as a biofeedback therapist with the EPFX for the last 5 years. Prior to the EPFX, she worked with energy for over 7 years as a Quantum Touch healing practitioner and also studied at the Southern California Psychic Institute. This gave her a greater understanding of how to work with energy, which she has now been able to apply to the EPFX.
Maggie also worked as a performer where she played the character of Wonder Woman in a Warner Brothers live action stunt show which gave her the idea for her book, “Wonderpowers: Discover Your Inner Superhero.” Wonderpowers are mental healing tools which Maggie developed for Empowerment, as it has been her mission to turn everyone into superheroes by further empowering them through her EPFX “power” sessions!
Maggie is developing classes to show how to creatively incorporate Wonderpowers with the EPFX for these power sessions which will soon be available. To contact Maggie you could reach her by email at Maggie@wonderpowers.com or phone #877-525-0078.