Ken looked puzzled when he asked, ”Why are you crying?” I had not even noticed that my eyes had pooled with tears and one was slowly making its way down my cheek. He and I had just spent a day practicing, designing and training for his new workshop. I have been coaching Ken by phone for months while he worked through all the details and normal self-doubt around his new business “Dig your work”. Here he was… standing there inspired, full of confidence, in touch with his ability to profoundly change people’s lives and grinning from ear to ear. “Because this is why I do what I do,” I shared.

Do you know how you feel when you have watched an inspiring movie about someone who against great odds accomplished something wonderful? I get to experience that feeling on a daily basis in my role as a business coach. What most of my clients do not realize because we talk by phone, is that I cry often. I cry when a client wins a new account. I cry when they hit their goals. I cry when they feel like quitting because I know they can do it. I cry in frustration when they can’t see who they are or remember what matters most to them. I cry when they discover what makes their heart sing. I cry when they quit coaching before they discover what they came for. Most of all I am deeply moved and sometimes cry when they powerfully complete their journey with me as their coach.

Business people often enter our coaching programs frustrated, burnt out, overworked and yet determined. Determined to make a profit, create a synergistic team, and determined to be a great leader. As well as have a joy filled balanced life! They often feel alone in their endeavor and yearn for a partner to bounce ideas off of, dialogue issues with and discover what they could be missing. Most of all they want someone to listen to them in a big way with complete faith in their abilities. To listen to them as someone who can actually accomplish what they are up to in their business and in their life. I get to be that person and I am honored.

I believe that people are so much bigger than their self-limiting beliefs, fears and problems. We are capable of far more than we can ever imagine on our own. Coaching stretches us and reminds us that something amazing is possible here. Something more can happen here. We have choices with this or that.

People who have never had a real coach (not trainer, mentor or consultant) often make the mistake of thinking that coaching is imparting knowledge, advice or wisdom. It is unfortunate for our new industry that so many trainers and consultants mistakenly use the word “coach”. Coaches are not the keeper of the “truth”, just the opposite actually. Coaches believe our clients know everything they need to know to be successful. My clients are the experts in their business, not me. It is my job to elicit, provoke and nurture the conversations that lead the client to the result that they want.

Another misconception is that coaching is for people who are not successful. I say “How absurd?” Extraordinary people enter into a coaching relationship, not people who need help, have low self esteem or some other deficiency. Only an extraordinary person would recognize the wisdom of this type of relationship and be willing to place their ego aside for an ongoing authentic conversation. These extraordinary people will likely keep making the tears roll and my heart sing as I witness their greatness. I am truly blessed to have found this profession.

Author's Bio: 

Alicia Marie brings a wide range of experience to coaching and training. For more than 10 years Alicia has coached managers, presidents and sales people in how to build a business truly worth having!

She has also been instrumental in the success of other business coaches through her relentless focus on mastering the basics of coaching and business.

Alicia Marie enjoys dispelling the myths about misunderstanding about coaching. “It is not training and it is not consulting,” she says. “In a coaching relationship the client is the expert.”

Alicia Marie applies almost two decades of business ownership experience, a background in organizational development as well as a wealth of sales and marketing knowledge, to help her clients tackle the business challenges they face.