Alone I sat trying to figure out my new vision map, and as I slaved away trying to forge a path to
fulfil my dreams, I had a sudden realization. Wouldn’t life be great if it was more like a grocery
store and less like McDonald’s!!!

I know this may sound completely out of left field, so allow me to elaborate. When visiting a
grocery store the world is your playground. You are able to walk up and down the rather large
air-conditioned aisles, picking up fruit and checking the firmness, taking a look at the meat and
checking the expiration date. You can fill your large shopping cart till it overflows.

Then you take your cart to the cashier and pay for your purchases. So, you receive and then pay (stay with me - I am creating an analogy here).

At McDonald’s you also have a wide selection of items to choose from, however the ability to mix
and match is not quite as large and no one can really guarantee that the item you want will look like
it does on the menu. The largest difference, however, is that at McDonald’s, after you choose the
item or items you want, you pay first and then receive.
Let’s review. Grocery store - select, receive, then pay. McDonald’s - select, pay, then receive
(hopefully what you asked for).

So where is the parallel between life and McDonald’s as opposed to the grocery store and life? It’s
really simple, and since I am writing a book, I will spell it out for you. In life you must first pay the
price to receive the rewards. If you set a goal, or define a vision for your life, before you will ever
experience it, you must first pay the price. Someone who is overweight would never be able to
create a vision to become as chiselled as Arnold Schwarzenegger was back in the day, go to bed,
wake up being ripped and then start going to the gym. The math doesn’t work that way. To put it in
the most basic form that I can - the cost is the continued action and dedication you must show to
prove, not only to yourself but the Universe at large, that you truly want it.

Author's Bio: 

Jeff Moore is the author of the books 20 Something in the 20 Something’s and the newly-released The World is Yours - Turning Vision into Reality.

Jeff started his career by asking himself one question. “How do we teach the youth and adults the most important lessons in life?” The answer was clear - we teach by inspiring them. Since that time, Jeff has gone on to become an author and professional speaker, working in colleges and corporations teaching audiences goal setting and self-communication techniques. For more information on Jeff Moore please go to: