The ego-driven smaller self tends to live in the predicting-the-past-and-forgetting-the-future mode.

What this refers to is the tendency to believe the past will always repeat itself in the future and therefore, no real change can happen.

The ego tries to compensate by making you feel as if you need to be driving yourself to try to be something more than who you really are. It’s as if who you actually are isn’t good enough, which prevents you from being your true self.

I’ve heard people refer to this as trying to drive your car by steering your rear-view mirror. You’ll be stuck looking at only what’s behind you (the past) and crash into what’s in front of you (the future). The bottom-line is you get nowhere in a hurry and nothing ever changes, especially for the better, in your life.

So it bears repeating: The same actions will always get you the same results!

It’d be highly advantageous for you, therefore, to practice daily activities which activate your Highest Self.

These activities are unique for everyone and could include meditation, prayer, exercise, dance, music, running or walking, talks with others, or an infinite variety of other healthy activities.

To spiritually refresh and refuel yourself, it’s essential you find these spiritual waterholes which are ever so unique to you.

By allowing yourself to live your personal spiritual truth and Highest Self, you energize your Soul Print. This amps up the power into all parts of your life and you’ll feel more alive.

You’ll find yourself much more connected to your intuition, or your inner eyes, as some people call it, and will be exponentially more alert to serendipitous, synchronistic occurrences. These serendipitous, synchronistic events, sometimes termed coincidences, can happen in any number of ways.

I believe they’re all reminders to tell you you’re indeed on the path you need to be on. You may also find yourself being luckier. Synchronicity, serendipity, and luck are merely examples of the increased awareness of your fully energized Soul Print.

In this fully conscious state, when your soul is energized, you’re sharply aware and much more likely to prepare and to be ready for opportunity.

As previously written, when opportunity and preparation are both balanced in a state of high awareness, you multiply your luck factor infinitely.

So, inspire means to direct the spirit inward, while feeding your inner self and your soul.

When you feed your soul, cast out old unhealthy and dysfunctional beliefs, and live according to your purpose and vision, you forge a strong and powerful inner union with your Highest Self which will guide you like a beacon in the dark.

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