Lehman Brothers, AIG, Bank of America buys Merrill Lynch, the housing crisis, mortgage mess, fuel and food costs, on and on…

While it looks dire, the times are creating opportunities for more people to become true leaders – not just in business, but in their lives. Let’s examine leadership from the two perspectives, personally and professionally to see where you can gain the most from these changing times.

The current Wall Street events provide a good example of why leadership in these dynamic times is so critical. A recent article in Workforce Management1 magazine pointed out how “the upheaval at Lehman and Merrill has created an unprecedented opportunity to lure star employees from two of Wall Street’s most well known brands.” What an opportunity for those who are the talent and those who want this high powered talent! It’s an opportunity for both sides to demonstrate both personal and professional leadership that counts!

Personal leadership is most critical in the midst of a volatile market. Demonstrating personal leadership means taking full responsibility for leading your life in the direction you desire. This is an opportunity being delivered to you. Take a step back and look at all of the possibilities. Create the life and career that gives you a sense of well being and purpose. Work with a coach, take one of the online assessments for insight into your skills and expertise, talk to people who are in an area of interest, and reach out to past and potential mentors. If you’re being a personal leader, your career and life will never fall victim to the current trends, hits and misses. You must establish your own brand of leadership for your life and career, so that you have your own 21st roadmap. A roadmap that bends, curves and gives you what you can always count on – control of your destiny.

Professional leadership has always had broad impact and implications whether it’s done well or not. We got a glimpse of this in the current market crisis. “Leaders” were out for themselves, speculating and investing in failing marketplace products – real estate, sub-prime mortgage, etc. For over a year, the market recognized the failing real estate market and sub prime mortgage crisis, yet the last ounce of “green” was still being drained – employing the “good to the last drop” approach. (Although, investing in Maxwell House and coffee futures may have been safer, with all the late night negotiations and job searches.) The “true” professional leader is authentic in who they are and how they demonstrate leadership. They recognize the power of purpose, passion and greatness and lead from this secure, confident place. With the spotlight on attraction and retention, it will increasingly become a competitive advantage to have a cadre of authentic professional leaders in every corporation. These leaders must exemplify the role of a “true” leader to not only attract but retain this high powered talent. Building authentic leadership begins with personal leadership and integrating your purpose, passion and greatness with business objectives. It is being comfortable with the courage, confidence and inner knowing of your leadership and demonstrating it on a daily basis.

So it’s time…time for the emergence of leadership that counts! Today’s leader has a grasp of the role and power of being an authentic leader. They demonstrate the influence and role modeling needed to lead in the new workplace and marketplace. They recognize that the role of the leader is to empower others to be leaders. They are also “true” leaders in their personal lives; embracing the purpose and passion of their well being as a leader. “Being” a leader for your personal life will enable you to step into this authentic role with insight and energy. Having an ability to lead and empower on a level more accessible by this newly enlightened workforce is the new call to action. This convergence of leadership that counts -- personal and professional -- is what we need in our leaders today. It is what truly creates an environment where talent competes to work in.

If you are a leader, here is your call to action. Use the insights and suggestions in this article to develop your personal and professional leadership to create the opportunities for yourself and attract the talent to your company that creates great teams to lead!

The time is now…the opportunity is here…make it count.

1. Workforce Management magazine is available at www.workforce.com

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