Some of the best baby jogging strollers in the world and the most affordable baby jogging strollers are made by a company called Dreamer Design.

Many people in Canada have been interested in purchasing one of their strollers, but it is not easy to do. People in Canada can find the strollers at on line retailers, but the problem is that many of the on line retailers do not ship to Canada. If they do the extra costs of getting the stroller to Canada is prohibitively expensive.

For example, one of the best selling Dreamer Design strollers is the Manhattan Lite. You can find it on line at a price of $209. To ship the stroller to Canada will cost an additional $60. Add to that the custom clearance charges of $60 to get the stroller over the border, and then add another $17 for Canadian duty charges. That $209 stroller is now $209 + $60 + $60 +17 for a new whopping total of $346 (this is before GST and applicable provincial sales tax).

That was then, this is now. now is selling Dreamer Design strollers to people that live in Canada. is located in Canada and we have worked with Dreamer Design to bring their strollers into Canada at a price that is very attractive to moms and dads in Canada.

For example, the price for the Manhattan Lite stroller which is a hybrid stroller with a swivel front wheel is $209 picked up in Hamilton Ontario (applicable GST of 6% and provincial sales tax is extra). The cost to ship this stroller anywhere in Canada is only $29.95.

So now the price is $209 picked up or $238.95 delivered anywhere in Canada. This is a whopping savings of $136 for pick up orders and $106 for delivered orders compared to buying the same stroller from an on line retailer located in the US.

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