One of the biggest complaints men give to me quite often when it comes to attracting women is that there simply isn’t that many available women where they currently live.
While this rarely is the case, what is true is that where they currently live there aren’t that many available women.
Now, it is important that you understand that by live I mean your current state of mind and where you live inside your mind.
Women especially available women are everywhere when you can live in a world focused on getting what you want and a willingness to take advantage of the opportunities that you have now.
Men who live in a state of mind in which avoiding rejection resides usually can’t see all of the opportunities to attract available women because the potential for rejection is always going to get in the way.
As for those who truly find themselves in a situation in which there truly aren’t any available women you must ask yourself what in the world is keeping you there.
If it is something that in your mind is much greater than getting what you want from women (which it is not if you are reading this) then you mist live in a state where your focus is on that which is greater then what you want from women.
Once you understand that any complaint you have when it comes to not getting what you want from women usually means you are not focusing your mind on what you want form women which is what you must do in order to succeed.
The sooner you can begin focusing on what you want from women in order to achieve it.

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