I am shocked at the number of self help and motivalional experts experts who tell people to let go of limiting beliefs and create new ones!

I see it in books, on blogs and promotions of all sorts. Almost everything out there about limiting beliefs is filled with this nonsense.

Why am I so shocked?

Because you cannot do it!

You can plaster your refrigerator will affirmations and repeat them until you are hoarse; it will not change what you believe.

A belief is what you think is real. You will not stop believing the floor is the floor just because your hear it is a limiting belief. You will stand up and walk on it every time.

You will not, for example, stop believing you are unworthy because you think it’s a bad belief! People may tell you that you are a worthy person. You may affirm it yourself. But if you believe that you are not worthy of love, happiness, success and prosperity it will not stick. It will not ring true.

You have to find out a belief is not true, or not an issue in order to end your faith in it and living according to it.

Here is the good news. For a belief to be limiting, it has to be untrue. The truth never limits us. It sets us free. When you see for yourself that something you have believed and lived by, maybe for years, is false you simply stop believing it.

Here’s a poignant example. I had a friend who was very poor. Her name was Mary Galewaler. She had 12 children. Mary was a widow and she could not read.

One day she told me, the pride of certain knowledge in her voice, “I always tell my kids, “Ain’t no Galewaler never gonna get nowhere in this world.”

Weighing the intrusion factor against the possibility for a new and expanded reality, I ventured a reply, “You might not want to say that, Mary.”

“Why?” she asked.

“Because it might not have to be true.” A long pause followed, a long, long pause.

“Oh, I never thought of that.” Mary’s smile lit up the room!

I’ll bet big bucks that Mary Galewaler never said “No Galewaler’s never gonna amount to nothing” again.

What became of Mary Galewaler? She learned to read. She got her first paying job in her fifties. She even bought a small house in Rosendale, New York.

She did not sit down and choose something better to believe. She perceived a new, expanded reality. She learned the truth; neither she nor her children were doomed to a life with no success.

To eleminate your own limiting or self-defeating beliefs you need to get in there and find out if they hold true for you.

When you find a limiting belief here are four questions you can ask to help you break out from the constricting myth to a grander reality.

1.Do you believe that?
2. What seems true about it?
3. Why do you believe that?
4. What are you afraid would happen if you did not believe that?

For more assistance two free "Belief Breakout Quizzes" are available at http://www.mandyevans.com/beliefreliefquizzes5.html

Author's Bio: 

Mandy Evans is an expert on how to find and break out from limiting beliefs that block happiness and success. She has taught seminars and given talks throughout the US and in Europe. Mandy is the author of "Emotional Options" and "Travelling Free: How to Recover from the Past"