WARNING: This technique is not for everyone. However, if you think you have what it takes to go this route, by all means, read on.

When I talk about 'going kamikaze' I'm talking about the ultimate way to approach and attract women. Just so that you know what you're getting into here, you will be rejected by some women. Now that you know that, if you still believe that you can do this, here's the plan.

There is no plan.

No watching a woman. No checking out her body language. No across the room flirting. No prep time.

You see a woman you like, you go up to her, and start talking. Sure, some women will reject you, but a lot more will be immediately attracted to you.

Here's the reasons why this approach works:

You refuse to give in to the fear of rejection; this builds confidence. Confidence is king when it comes to meeting women. They are drawn to a confident man like a moth is driven to the flame. Confidence is simply one of the most attractive characteristics a man can possess.

You quit thinking about failure and have a winning attitude. When failure isn't an obstacle, but merely a turn in the path, you instinctively know that there's another girl just around the corner. Your attitude remains positive and easygoing.

Your time is spent in talking to more women each night instead of studying them. You can spend anywhere from half an hour to half the night watching one woman before you make any kind of a move. Going kamikaze uses that time to meet women instead of watching them. A much better use of time.

Going kamikaze is definitely not for the faint of heart. But, if you're tired of spending hours and hours of your precious dating time planning and watching, this may be the answer you've been looking for.

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