Most of self improvement coaches share common grounds for building a successful life transformation system. There is an enormous amount of information out there and everywhere tantalizing us, provoking us to make a step towards what we could be some day.
Very challenging indeed!
Most of us however get confused to which approach we should take, which direction we should go, which service we should choose that will answer our self improvement concerns.
Where you should go from any given point and where you are reaching can be very frightening. The unknown is very mysterious and you need a certain kind of bravery to go through the hole and come out clean and clear.
Does this sound too philosophical?
May be!
Let's take one person as an example, even though most people prefer not to hear about the other. So I will refer to the person as you. A woman. Any woman.
You were conditioned to go with the norm, social and spiritual.
You were taught to learn. You were curious and had a desire to explore so that suited you just as well.
You went along for years with the flow, through you education and career. Yet something was not right!
There is more out there!
You were conditioned to look for what is out there in the books, the movies and by listening to other experts.
There are so many laws, so many practices and so many rules. You also had to go through all the conflicts of structured self interpreted religious rules. You learned everything, acquired certifications, helped people and it worked.
So that must be it!
You got the answers.
If that is the case, then why can't you make your own loose ends meet and tie them to a beautiful knot?
You go through a new conditioning program all over again. You experience someone else's experience. Follow their insights, their rules. You even start to promote their approaches. It works at times and fails many others.
Don't get it all wrong though.
All approaches for self improvements work, I am not suggesting that they don't. These approaches apply theories and rules that are similar to the rules and theories of physics, chemistry, gravity, relativity. there are common grounds to transformation efforts. That would be another issue.
Then why would you feel that there is still something missing?
Why can't you fathom the desire to experience something different? Especially if you have applied all these theories and you have developed yourself to a certain level.
The need to evolve even higher is an innate human need.
The need to see more and gain a higher and deeper level of empowerment.
This empowerment is what all human beings secretly seek.
Human beings seek empowerment for different reasons, and different purposes, can be good or bad depending on how you interpret good or bad.
What is beyond the believable and the possible?
Is it possible that you are entitled to your own transformational experiences.
Experience the following steps for a while:
1. Keep the laws and theories of transformation in your mind, no judgments and no attachments, no expectations.
2. Connect the dots between you energy centers. your mind, heart and solar plexus. You can find your own way of doing it by going through exactly the same steps listed here.
3. Ask God for the enlightenment.
4. Persevere.
5. Listen, wait, ask again.
6. Experience the revelation.
7. Ask what you should do with it.
8. Ask for divine support.
9. Move slowly asking all the way through.
10. Unleash the empowerment approach that has been revealed to you.
11. Practice it until you have mastered it.
What should you do next from there?
I can only tell you what I know. there could more than I had told. But that is how you claim your individual approach. The One who created you knows best what you require to evolve.
Ask Him.
He is all knowing.
May God be with you in your quest. Amen.
Share with me your approach. Enlighten me!

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