The road to self mastery is not always an easy one, nor does it go in a straight line. The path to wisdom is littered with failed attempts, occasional frustration and many give up along the way. I know all about failing on the way to success, believe me.

Just like anything in life personal development and mastery of the self requires persistence, discipline and the willingness at times to deal with stuff which is not on your Christmas wish list.

If you stick with it the pay offs are better mind control, the ability to step back and evaluate your life, your ambitions and the rest of the world with calm non attachment. Those of you who are into Zen and sit regularly will testify to the invaluable benefits of non attachment to events.

So we have the tools, but at present times are tough at present, Christmas is a challenge for many of us, even though it is only a couple of days, not to mention all the other challenges many are facing. It is always the same old story. We get caught up in the collective consciousness and lose our own will in the process, if we are not vigilant. Before you know it you are swept along in a sea of collective negativity, anger and a sense of helplessness which only serves to make you feel bad and powerless.

Personal development goes way beyond becoming calm and practicing non-attachment. Now more than at any other time in our lives vigilance of our thinking and actions are important. The direction you take now and what you chose to become within the next twelve months will dictate the quality of your life for the rest of your life.

Let us take a world centric view for a moment. We have to because what is happening around us is already and will affect all of us. The question is whether we are going to face the challenges upon us with open eyes and the mental ability to fend off the indoctrinations of the world rulers or whether we develop the stamina and foresight to see what is out there and defend our core desires and core human rights against this barrage.

There is a lot of talk about conspiracy, the illuminaty and similar. While such talk seems to be outrageous and wildly exaggerated at first glance the events unfolding in front of our very eyes are self evident. The ruling classes the financial world are trying to rule the rest of the world. There is no doubt that we are moving towards a world government, world financial system with little or no regard or respect for the individual. In a sense nothing much has changed throughout history, but the methods employed.

Frightening as these concepts we are seeing extremes of two worlds beginning to became glaringly obvious. There is the old school, the establishment of money that will do anything they can to hang on to their ideas and the old world order. Their methods are largely are old paradigm stuff, at least on the face of it.

Then there is a growing number of people who are becoming more aware of the nature of evolution and our true selves as part of this universe. This group understands, or at least has a sense that we are all interconnected and not separate beings.

When you start looking deeper, a very different picture unfolds and herein is the real danger. The people ruling our world are using highly sophisticated tools like the HAARP project, for instance and mind control techniques which can influence vast numbers of people by sending frequencies through the ether that engender anxiety stress, fear and aggression almost instantly.

If you think I am talking hog wash, do yourself a favour and check you tube under HAARP.

The methods which are employed are mind control tools that will rob you literally of the freedom to act, unless you learn to increase your cognitive awareness, develop mental balance, improve your health and energy levels to make you resilient to the dangerous undermining of your mental faculties that you are exposed to.

You hardly need a crystal ball to work out what is round the corner for the next few years, given the present circumstances and pervasive negativity all around us. At least this is the story the media is telling us. Is that really true though?

Fortunately not, because we can influence the future. It starts with you and I. How can we do this? By learning as much as we can about the workings of the universe and how we create our realities. Neither your reality, nor your future are fixed, both are simply representations of past thinking and acting.

Many of us have already realised that the way we used to do things in the past were largely based on plain wrong understanding of how our world actually functions. All this is changing now as science is coming up with new insights and understandings which must change the way we think. Literally. I just refer to the findings of Heisenberg and Wheeler.

The only reason we are repeating history is because we has the general populus lack the strength to say no. If you were willing to spend a little of your time educating yourself about the latest scientific evidence and then worked on yourself to make these new learnings part of who you are, you will not only change your own, personal universe, but, since everything you do compounds, whether it is positive or negative makes no difference, you will soon see a difference in your wider circle of friends, acquaintances, even the economy in your town.

Everyone has it in them to be a leader. A leader is a person who influences others, maybe only one person. Lead by example, start by leading yourself to self mastery and expanded self awareness. This is all you have to do and many will follow your path. So start right now, because the clock is ticking.

Author's Bio: 

Mercedes Oestermann van Essen is a human development coach and energy therapist. She has created the Happy Venn Diagram for environment, body and mind and teaches integral life principles in her books, audios, workshops and retreats. Visit