For a lot of people being extremely busy and never making a profit at their Network Marketing business is quite normal and sadly expected.

They find themselves busy all the time attending never ending meetings, listening to continual conference calls repeating the same stories over and over again. Additionally, for extra bonus points they watch the latest webinar to relearn what they heard last week but never actually sponsor any new distributors into their organization during the week.

Does this sound familiar?

This short article explores the reason for this unproductive behaviour we as Network Marketers have come to see as the normal status quo: Network Marketing busywork throughout our downlines.

Let me state this really clearly so there is no mistake or misunderstanding; busyness is not success in Network Marketing no matter how you measure it.

You and your upline might love working at nothing all day because a lot of people equate busyness with success. However we both know that if you continue being busy at nothing and never focus on what is absolutely important; finding new customers, your commissions cheque next month will be the same as it was last month.

There is only one thing that is absolutely essential to Network Marketing success. This singularly important monthly activity is to consistently increasing the sales volume in your organization.

Faking it by being busy until you make it will never work. You actually have to eventually make it and the only way to do that is to consistently increase the size and scope of your business by introducing new customers to it each and every month.

Learning how to do this is of course important. There are some really good courses that will help you learn how to go about building your business by consistently presenting it to new customers every day. But in the final analysis actually presenting it is the only activity you really need to focus on every day to be highly successful as a Network Marketer.

Once you have learned that you have to talk with prospective customers to find out what their needs are and then explain to them how your products or services fulfill their needs, you have to actually go and do some talking.

You have likely heard that a lot of training programs are “duplicatable” meaning that one distributor can teach his downline to do the same as they do and that other programs are “not-duplicatable” because they depend perhaps on a special skill that a specific person has that is completely unique.

The bottom line with regards to “duplication” is that any successful Network Marketing strategy that brings new people into the business on a regular basis is a single activity – introducing new people to the products and services your company provides – in a way that works for you in your personal circumstances.

Distractions are all around us. Not all are preventable but it turns out that we are more in control of our work environment then we have been led to believe. You see it turns out that a lot of people like to control other people and one of the main ways they do this is by keeping them very busy.

A lot of Network Marketing companies seem to think that endless dumping of information from head office will make their distributors successful. Nothing can be further from the truth. The only way a Network Marketing distributor will ever sponsor new distributors or develop a new retail customer is by actually talking to them. Time to do this activity has to be set aside in your busy schedule to simply stop what you are doing and be interested enough in needs of your customers to explain to them how their lives would be improved by your businesses’ products. Remember customers do not care how many conference calls you listened to last week, they just want to know if the product you have is right for them.

Companies who limit the training they provide to the basics and constantly send their distributors out into the world to meet new customers will consistently experience above average growth both in product sales volume and commission cheques sent to their distributors.

Success in Network Marketing is possible. It simply requires you to focus on doing the only thing that is absolutely required – introducing the products and services on a consistent basis to new customers every day.

So next time you listen to a conference call or attend a webinar listen carefully and take some notes. There is always something to learn. When it is done pick up the phone and tell somebody about it. In fact, you just spent five minutes reading this article and if you just pick up the phone and call somebody right now you will set in motion the most powerful marketing strategy ever invented – talking to a potential customer about your business.

Author's Bio: 

Ted Sullivan authors a Journal Noni Forever a Tahitian Noni website and a general Network Marketing blog.