You might not realize it now however her cheating on you can be on of the greatest things that ever happened to you if you learn and grow from it.
After she cheats you are going to be challenged both mentally and emotionally and at the same time finding yourself having to make some decisions that you never know you want to make.
One of the biggest decisions you are going to have to make is moving on and leaving her.
While most people agree that cheating is something that must not be tolerated in a relationship the stronger the connection you have with a woman the more difficult it can be to leave.
You’ve grown attached and moving on and letting go of her isn’t something that you wanted to do.
However, after she cheats the relationship you had with her is over whether you like it or not.
Now you must choose between making on of the best decisions in your life and move on without her or making one of the worst decisions in your life and staying with a woman who cheats.
Perhaps you have already decided before and went with or back to a woman who cheats and have been cheated on again.
Realize that you too can now make one of the best decisions in your life and choose to move on and let go of one of the worst decisions you made in your life when you chose to stay with a woman after she cheats.
In the end, know that you can move on after she cheats at any time and the quicker you decide to do that now the more power you will have in your future relationships with women.

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