Success, wisdom, generosity -- you don't need aura readings to associate words like these with financier George Soros. Face readings, too, might seem superfluous. The man's reputation precedes him, surrounds him… and he isn't done yet.

At 77, he isn't just in command of his faculties but continues to serve humanity as a visionary money manager and philanthropist, with an incisive new book,
The New Paradigm for Financial Markets: The Credit Crash of 2008 and What It Means."

Except what if you're interested in human nature, not just achievement? And what if you want to sharpen your skills at reading how people in your life deal with money? Soros has limited his media access, so if you want to know more about him... use your skills to read deeper.

Reading faces, let's use my system of Face Reading Secrets(TM), which you can supplement with two money-related chapters in my new book, " Read People Deeper."

Use this link for a larger version of the photo at the start of this article. Also, if you're new to the ancient art of physiognomy, you might want to read these FAQs for background.


Most of us don't form even one line that crosses the entire forehead. Instead we form partial lines, broken lines, or no lines at all. Well Einstein developed three whole brain lines.

(For a really good look at them, click here.)

But Soros has developed five!!!!!

The corresponding talent is exceptional use of mental resources. Most people use 2% of their mental potential. Add, say, 3% extra for each whole brain line.

The potential challenge is annoying other people by thinking in a way that is radically different from theirs. If you've ever felt jealous of someone who understood things more easily than you did, or had others act out jealousy toward you, all the better for your being able to imagine life as George Soros -- what it would be like to be on the receiving end of mega-jealousy, intellectual resistance, fury from your colleagues who care most about protecting their own turf.

Of course, they wouldn't call it that. Instead, they would call you names like "arrogant."


Here's another similarity between Einstein and Soros. Eyebrows are raised up, three dimensionally, by a mound of flesh. And that extra-high area links above the nose into one continuous shape. I call it "spectacles" because it reminds me of oversized eyeglasses.

(The small photos at my blog actually make it a bit easier to read than larger versions of the same pictures for which I've supplied links previously.)

Take a good look at both our examples here, because it is unlikely that you will ever see another example, no matter how many faces you read. (But if you should see any, by all means add them to the comments section of this blog!

Better still, supply a photo link, if you can, so all our Blog-Buddies can gawk in admiration!)

The corresponding talent involves receiving wisdom of an advanced nature, as if the thinker had access to information from other, wiser, dimensions... or simply the zeitgeist of humanity's wisdom at a future time period.

For Einstein, the field was physics. Soros, of course, has specialized in finance. Either way, it's no understatement to call this item of face data a mark of "genius," a word I don't toss around lightly.

What's the potential challenge? Again, you risk being attacked by those with a strong vested interest in present-day thinking.


One of my favorite advanced techniques as a face reader involves opening up a part of the face and reading its story, in contrast to choosing one item of face data at a time to interpret. Here goes.

Soros is a proud man who learned early on that power and money go together. (If you know anything about his life story, you'll be impressed that his Holocaust experiences began when he was just 13 years old.)

He feels a burning commitment to understand money, work with money, bring honor to financial life, in order to help humanity.
Dialectical materialists (like devout communists) aren't the only ones who interpret life financially. If you were to follow the thought process of George Soros, you'd hear a lot of self-talk along the lines of:

•What does this cost?
•What are the hidden costs?
•What are the financial implications?

Just about every situation in life can become food for financial thought. As a kind of emotional template, George's inner conversation begins with a reaction containing strong personal emotion, then moves into a rigorous and dispassionate analysis.

To empathically sink into his experience, try this experiment.
Open up the larger photo of Soros.

Use a blank sheet of paper to cover up half of his nose tip at one time. First look at the curves in the LEFT side of his nose tip. Follow up with the distinctly different experience of the angles in the RIGHT side of that same nose tip.


Structurally, though not politically, this George veers toward the right. Again, your sheet of paper can help you to feel the full impact of that asymmetry. Don't just cover up the nose tip, in this case, but cut the whole face in half lengthwise and you'll appreciate how much more of his nose tip angles toward the right than the left.

I call this "The fame trait." Whatever impact he otherwise would have on the world, due to passion/karma/destiny, Soros has been given an extra dollop of influence.

The potential challenge is caring overmuch about personal fame. This challenge, I suspect, if it even existed at all, has been overcome years ago. Not only does Soros generally shy away from media attention but there's a humanitarian theme to his face, as well as his actions.


To sum up our brief excursion into the face of this talented man, George Soros cares about money, cares both passionately and analytically.

He's also remarkably blunt (note the round eye shape), someone who speaks based on inner conviction, rather than striving to speak others (in-drawn lip texture), and a man who understands conservative people but makes an initial impression of outrageousness (unlike so-called "maverick" John McCain, who lacks any facial indicator among several possible ones about being truly independent, Soros has dramatically out-angled ear tops).

The philanthropist speaks for humanity, doing his best to bring futuristic insights into our greedy world.

Practical note: I'll be teaching this Open Sesame technique at my annual Face Reading Intensive this July.

The simpler kind of face reading is an outrageously easy way to read people deeper. For that I recommend my beginner's book, The Power of Face Reading, and then the more advanced how-to about how faces change over time in ways that are meaningful, Wrinkles Are God's Makeup.

Our next article will explore George Soros with aura readings and an empathic merge.

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