I think that the reason people drop out, is much deeper than laziness, lack of motivation, wanting of instant gratification, etc.

I agree with all of those, but I believe that those aren't the core issues. Aside from having a proper mindset there is very REAL reason why people are quitting the business.

I think the core issue is LACK OF LEADS.

Nobody to talk to.

They've approached their neighbors, friends, and relatives and nobody bought or joined. As a matter of fact, some of their friends are now 'avoiding' them. Saying things like, "here they go again..." every time your new excited recruit starts talking about the business.

Let's take a look at what happens to millions of people who come into network marketing. You recruit a new, excited person. They're motivated and ready take on the world.

You tell them to make a list of their warm market and put stars by who they think is the most motivated, go getter type person. This is who we want to approach first.

After all this is what your company has been telling you to do. And the big leaders who've built massive organizations with huge monthly volumes... that's what they have done.

And so your new downline is fired up. They go and spend some money to attend a fast track training. And then they start talking to their warm market about how they're going to make a million dollars, and they have this incredible product that is this and that.....

And what do they get?


But they aren't so wimpy to give up right away. So they go to their upline or the next leader who's 'been there' already. And their upline says - 'don't worry, it's a numbers game... the ones that sees the most people makes the most money' - or something like that.

So then they learn about the 3-foot rule, how you can approach anyone who comes within 3 feet of you and talk to them about the business.

(I remember one leader at a conference said 'go out there, and if they're not within 3 feet of you, MOVE CLOSER...' and the crowd went nuts, because that's what the motivated person should do.)

And when that doesn't work, this once excited, motivated, person who was going to conquer the world is now frustrated, depressed and eventually quits the business, because IT DOESN'T WORK.

Does any of that sound familiar?
You may be thinking how do I know that?

Well, I've been there and done it for over 10 years. The funny thing is that I've actually made money and have gotten results, because of my sheer persistence and determination, but the thing is that I couldn't get anyone else to do duplicate this monstrous effort that I was putting in.

Plus after so many years, I found myself completely burned out and very disappointed because I knew that the SYSTEM works. But the way that I and 99% of the people in this industry do it DOESN'T.


What if you only talked to people that were interested in your opportunity?

What if you never had to pick up the phone and call a stranger ever again?

What if you never had to talk to your friends, your neighbors, and your relatives about coming to a meeting again?

What if you never had to prospect for the rest of your life?

But wait, don't the big leaders say that you should spend 80% of your time prospecting and that it's the most important activity in your business?


What I'm talking about is putting your prospecting on auto-pilot using marketing systems that can sift and sort, and filter out the skeptics, the tire-kickers, and people who aren't qualified for your business.

And yes it can be done in your business.

The way you do it is by setting up a marketing funnel.

Using today's technology you could easily and very inexpensively set up a system that will do the following:

1. Find the right people (no need to waste your time with the wrong ones).
2. Qualify them and pique their interest enough to get to want to see or hear more.
3. Get them to call you, instead of you calling them.

How can it be done?

Well, you can use the internet as I have. You can use toll-free numbers and free advertising that's available today. It's all about leveraging your efforts.

Most people in network marketing understand the power of leverage when it comes to multiplying sales and recruiting. But they don't understand the power of marketing leverage.

Just imagine how much less stress you would have in your life if you had this kind of a system set up, that prospects for you.

And free you up to focus your time, energy, and resources only on the people that are looking for you instead of you spending all your time spinning your wheels looking for them.

And when you find your next motivated, excited new recruit, you can hand them a REAL system that they can run with and duplicate your success.

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Vitaly Grinblat is an expert internet marketer, as well as an online business and marketing coach.

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