Can tell only one thing about diets--they don’t work!

Did you know that 95 percent of all people who go on a diet gain back the weight within five years, the majority within the first year?

So I studied diets and learned to tell people to stay away from diets all together, all diets! Whether written by a doctor or a self-proclaimed expert, diets are all misleading. The diet industry attacks your self-image, lies to you and gets you to follow bad, unhealthy advice, all while emptying your pockets.

I’ll tell you why diets don’t work in detail during the course of Tools, but to get you started…

Here’s the truth: Weight is a symptom; the cause is how you are thinking about food, exercise, and life style. Until you attack the cause the weight will always return and diets only address the symptom. Also, it doesn’t have to be difficult and using the right Tools you will be amazed how you can achieve and maintain your weight goals with going on a diet.

I will tell you how to successfully achieve your diet goals the right way and always feel good about yourself during the course of Tools.

Naturally combining motivation and action you will also exercise and achieve new appreciation for exercise no matter you already do exercise or not.

I love exercise. I’ve been training for over 20 years. Everyone needs to exercise. Everyone needs to feel the positive effects of exercise in their lives. I will use motivation, philosophy, psychology and anything I need to get you into action. There are many ways to exercise. The trick is to add physical activity to your life that you enjoy so it doesn’t become a chore. We need to find a way to make it fun so that you will keep at it and live a better life. You need it and you should do it. I will show you how to make exercise a fun, successful part of your life.

There is a way to eat right and feel better. To actually have more energy and be able to be a sharper thinker and a better performer at everything you do. This comes down to nutrition.

For many different reasons, nutrition became incredibly important to me, first because of my involvement in exercise and training and second because I studied and advised clients on diets. I also suffered from a medical disaster and was told I had only five years to live, so I wanted to find out how to give my body all the advantages I could. What vitamins and nutritional supplements work? How much protein, fats and carbohydrates should you have? Nutrition is an important issue, and we will discuss the best approach. Good nutrition will make you feel better and give you more energy and strength. By the way, the five years of life I had left ended 15 years ago.

Find a self help fitness program that will lead you to your successful weight, fitness and nutrition and you will experience a life changing event. the better you feel the more you will be able to apply all your success to others facing similar weight problems.

"Make your life what you want it to be!"

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