Article Preview: Read samples from cut cords. How does this approach differ from EFT and psychotherapy? (Rose Rosetree is the author of "Cut Cords of Attachment: Heal Yourself and Others with Energy Spirituality.")

How can cutting cords of attachment help with the anguish of dealing with people from your past who were mentally ill?

With all you have done to deal with that crazy from your past, why would it still make a big difference to cut that cord of attachment?

Everyone is a little bit crazy. Some of us are more than a little. Cords of attachment are formed regardless of degree of sanity.

Any major cord of attachment is worth cutting in a personal session. Every minor cord of attachment is worth cutting, too.

What else do you know about the importance of cutting cords if you've studied with me? (And if you want to learn how to cut cords for yourself, or have it done for you, see the BIO section at the end of this article.)

Each cord of attachment has a distinctive pattern of energy, what I call a "Dialog Box." One of my 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment(R) involves catching this information while it is fresh, writing it down, discussing it with your client. Or if you're healing yourself, cutting your own cord of attachment, still bother to write it down and give each cord item due respect, due attention.

Doing this is one of many reasons why, cutting cords of attachment, the healing becomes permanent, quickly integrated into your subconscious mind and aura.

It's a relatively painless way to take a powerful step forward into your present and future. And, of course, if you have professional-caliber technique at cutting cords, you will never, ever, for the rest of your life have a cord of attachment to the cordee.

When someone says "I cut my cords every day," the poor, well meaning healer might as well place a sign right on his/her forehead that says, "I sure would like to be able to cut cords of attachment. Unfortunately I don't know what the heck I am doing."


Yesterday, I had two clients in a row who asked me to cut the cord of attachment to Mom. And it turned out in both cases that the mother had serious mental health problems.

"Claudia"'s mother had been diagnosed as schizophrenic, going in and out of hospitals often during Claudia's childhood.

"Marissa"'s mother died when she was two, something I didn't learn until after I finished cutting their cord of attachment. (My preference is to know just the name and type of relationship as I go into the 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment.)

Relatives had darkly hinted to Marissa that there was something troubling about that mother and, oboy, did that ever become clear.


Before going into specifics, here are some basic facts about cords of attachment:

•A cord of attachment begins when you first become interested in a person.
•Two structures connect your aura to that of the cordee: A spiritual tie, full of love and sweetness, and a cord of attachment.
•Usually a cord of attachment will last until the last minutes of your life, even if the other person "dies." But it is possible to permanently remove a cord of attachment.
•You only get one cord of attachment "per customer." So don't worry about forming a new one. (When a healer tells you that you've done this, it's another reason to slap a "Dunno" sign on that well intended healer's forehead.)
•Whatever energy patterns from the relationship are most disturbing to you -- that is what will flow through the cord of attachment.
•Cord items, from your "Dialog Box" will repeat in your subconscious mind, repeat 24/7, for as long as you have that cord of attachment.
•Those toxic patterns, from the cord of attachment, create self-fulfilling prophecies, attractions to similar patterns, blind spots, resonance with other cords of attachment and also frozen blocks in cellular memory.
•People who keep homes clean say "Mess begets mess." They develop a neatness policy, zero tolerance toward clutter, to keep the home tidy. Well, in one's aura, subconscious mind, and cellular memory, "Stuff begets stuff."

Cutting a cord of attachment is a very satisfying, permanent, way to remove STUFF clutter.


One of the problems of having a mother with mental illness is that the baby receives imprinting through the cord of attachment. For Marissa, these were the first three items in her Dialog Box:

1.Rage at everyone and everything. (Absorbed in the womb, through the cord of attachment.)
2.Feeling threatened, put on the defensive by other people's behavior, sudden changes in temperature, any sudden change. (Again, absorbed in the womb, through the cord of attachment.)
3.Desire to get even with people for any imagined slight or insult. (Yes, this Cord Item, like the other two, had a completely different texture than the rest of the cord of attachment. These patterns were set up right from the start.)

Ouchers! But not necessarily ouchers for the rest of Marissa's life....


And I don't mean fear of the monster under the bed. I mean patterns stuck in a cord of attachment that are monster-like, or tragic, or soul-level-terrifying. If you are an empath, your unskilled abilities can become part of a cord pattern, too.

Here is another portion of Marissa's cord of attachment to Mom, cord items that were laid down when Marissa was about two:

MOTHER: When I'm down, your job is to pick me up emotionally.
MARISSA: I do have this ability to feel feelings for other people and take on their pain.
MOTHER: Then don't be lazy, use it on me now.
MARISSA: But those feelings are so ugly, I can't stand it.
MARISSA: I may be allergic to feelings. I'd rather not have any, not unless they can be pleasant.

Reading this, consider the impact. Having this particular sequence, precisely, recycling through the cord of attachment into Marissa's subconscious mind -- this explains a lot.

Major life themes for Marissa, as discussed in her previous sessions with me, involved handling emotions.

•Could this cord of attachment be one reason why she had trouble allowing herself to feel her own feelings?
•Marissa also had trouble becoming a skilled empath, turning her gifts OFF most of the time. Gee, could this cord of attachment have anything to do with that?
•Beyond that, Marissa had trouble being with other people who had feelings (just about anyone). Might this cord of attachment have made her just a tad touchy?


The logical consequences of cutting a cord of attachment will benefit OTHER relationships, not just the one to the cordee.

When you have a cord of attachment cut for you, or do it with skill for yourself, discussing logical consequences will become one of the most important steps of the healing process.


It's hard to imagine the pain of living with mental illness unless you've been there. You could have a cord of attachment to a parent, a child, a husband or wife who has severe problems -- and form that cord long before you become aware there is even a problem.

Sometimes I like to call cutting cords to the mentally ill ... part of the process of becoming a "Craziness Survivor."

The anguish of becoming a Craziness Survivor includes the moment when it hits you. This person in your life is either out of control, chronically mentally ill, going through a breakdown, maybe all three at once.

And, sometimes, this moment of realization, in all its anguish, is what sticks in a cord of attachment.

If, like many readers of this article, you happen to have a gift as an empath, the anguish will be magnified many times over... and then all that suffering will become stuck in the cord of attachment.

That was the case for Claudia. When I facilitated cutting the cord of attachment to her mother, part of the Cord Dialog went like this:

CLAUDIA: Praying that you will be okay.
CLAUDIA: Wishing that I could help, by taking on your pain.
CLAUDIA: I can feel how much you suffer.
CLAUDIA: Bitterness that God could allow this.

Think logical consequences here and you'll appreciate why it was so important to cut this cord of attachment -- for Claudia's sanity, for the sake of her spiritual life, for her ability to turn her empath gift(s) OFF at will as a skilled empath.


With so many methods available for dealing with emotional pain, what's the big deal about cutting cords of attachment?

A skeptic, reading this article, might complain that the Cord Items quoted here are nothing special, and no different from what is heard daily, throughout the land, when clients meet with a psychotherapist.

And I am not a licensed psychotherapist. My formal credentials are just for hypnosis and regression therapy. In fact, I dropped out of a program to earn my Master's in Social Work around 1986.
By then, I was doing a lot of work with clients, cutting cords of attachment. It became clear to me that this was my passion, and getting an official credential for something I wouldn't pursue, or sneaking in cutting cords as an established therapist, didn't seem honest.

So here's the big difference: You could spend three years, as one of my clients did, doing weekly sessions of psychotherapy over the relationship to your father or mother. OR you could do one session where I cut a cord of attachment. According to my client, Larry, the cord cutting was what made all the difference, more than the years of therapy.

Of course, all that therapy didn't hurt!

As a client, you could tease out of your subconscious mind items like the Cord Dialog quoted here. Slowly, you could discuss the information, its implications, perhaps some strategies for slowly releasing the hold of these toxic patterns.

Or you could have a form of aura-level surgery to remove the toxic flow. Cords of attachment are physical things, only made out of electro-magnetic energy. Removing cords, physically, makes a very real difference.

I look forward to the day when all psychotherapists have proper training in how to cut cords of attachment. With all respect, I believe that a lot of therapy involves learning how to adjust and repackage, not change the toxic flow. It's like having sewage run through one's system and learning how to wrap it up nicely and tie each package with a cute bow.

Similarly, I have huge respect for EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique. But people shouldn't have to tap their lives away. Why keep releasing the effects of a recurring pattern when you could cut that cord of attachment once and for all.

I believe that EFT and psychotherapy are better used AFTER a cord of attachment is cut.

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