It's important to get people to read your blog posts. Learning a few copywriting techniques can increase your readership. By applying just one copywriting technique, you can boost your readership by up to 100% and more.

For instance, the most important part of the blog post is the title. The title is similar to the headline in copywriting. The title determines whether people actually read your blog post at all. A good title can dramatically boost the number of people who read your post.

By learning how to write a good headline from copywriting, you'll be able to write good titles for your blog posts. One tip is to include a benefit in your title. Write what the reader will get out of reading your blog post. For instance, “How to Triple Your Productivity” has the benefit that the reader will learn how to triple her productivity if she reads the post.

The next thing is to write a good introduction. In copywriting, this is known as the lead. The lead is important because it determines whether the reader will continue reading. If the lead fails to interest the reader, the reader will stop reading.

This applies to your blog posts too. You'll need a compelling introduction. You could start your blog post with a compelling story. Debunk a myth. Or use a problem-solution approach: Tell the reader what problem he's having and show that reading your post will give him the solution.

You also want to make your blog posts easy to read. Just like in copywriitng, you'll want to write in short paragraphs, use subheads, write in short sentences, and use simple words. If your blog post is difficult to read, you'll scare your readers away.

Most of your readers are skimmers. By including subheads, you'll make your blog post “skimming friendly.” The skimmer can read the subheads to see what your blog post is about. If the subheads catch her attention, she'll take the time to read your post.

Short paragraphs make your blog post visually appealing. If the reader sees a bunch of big blocks of text within the first 5 seconds, it'll look like a lot of work to read. The reader may not have the time or patience to read the big blocks of text. By writing in short paragraphs, your blog post looks easier to read. And more people will read your post.

The tone of your blog posts is important. A blog has a community atmosphere and lets you interact with your readers through blog comments. So you'll want to write to them like you're talking to a friend. Write in a conversational tone, just like in copywriting.

So if you want to increase the readership of your blog, learn a few copywriting techniques. Even just one technique can boost your readership. Learn one technique and apply it today.

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