In the world of business today, people are searching for a standard that is at a level above the normal greed, arrogance, undisciplined practices that are prevalent on Wall Street and in the shop around the corner today. I believe the Bible is filled with words of wisdom that can serve as a guide to those that are believers and non-believers alike in practicing Christian Business Ethics that is in line with the character of Christ. In seeking guidance from the Lord through His word on how we are to behave and do business from a biblical perspective, the bar will need to be raised on business practices that will cause the world to be in awe of the awesome power of the word of God and the benefits that one can glean from seeking advice from the Lord.

We recently saw in the news how executives from major companies like AIG (American Insurance Group) and CitiGroup were behaving of late. It is truly disgraceful to the human race. These execs portrayed no sense of care and leadership in their behavior before congress when they were summoned to Washington. These so called “captains of industry” shocked the nation as they gave testimonies that caused many to cringe at how they ran these companies to the brink of bankruptcy. Just think, these same men served as inspiration to other up and coming leaders in the business world to want to emulate them as role models. It seems as if these execs have adopted a view of total self interest and self-preservation without regard for others or the consequences of their actions and executive decisions. There was a time when men cared about their fellow co-worker and wanted them to succeed in their jobs and businesses as much as the next guy. Now that has changed to what’s in it for me.

After watching how the economy tanked from mid 2007, I noted that if men just behaved differently, with a higher standard, I thought that it was time that someone started talking about how the bar can be raised to a level that will cause men to aspire to become as Godly men of old. Like our founding fathers. Those days when a man’s word, due to his Christian Business Ethics, caused him to establish his name and his company, based on the reliability and assurance of his word. Of course this was due to the godly character that he possessed. Men had strong convictions back then that formed his business dealing practices.

It is in this spirit and with guidance from the word of God, which I will seek to encourage my fellow entrepreneurs and business executives and Leaders to display and practice business ethics that the world would want to emulate. This is what has been doing since the beginning of 2009. Christian Business Ethics

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Bobby E. Miller is a Public Speaker, Author, Business Growth Consultant and Entrepreneur with more than 21 years of experience as a senior executive in Sales and Marketing. He is also the author of the blog: Christian Business Ethics (also referred to as CBE). CBE is a blog based on Business Ethics…from a biblical perspective. Christian Business Ethics