Donald Barrett is an entrepreneur best known for his development of ITV, a multimedia infomercial company. Recently, Donald Barrett joined forces with media giant Kevin Trudeau to form the largest infomercial conglomerate in the world. Having joined with Trudeau, Barrett's company promotes mainly health and wellness. In the words of ITV's president, "Products that positively impact people".

Not much is known about Barrett's background before ITV. What is known is that Donald Barrett was a pizza chef prior to the wild success of his ITV Ventures. For six years he dreamed of doing business in a way that impacts people on an everyday level. In 2006, that dream was realized and ITV direct was launched.

ITV Direct promoted and marketed health and wellness products through infomercials. These infomercials are broadcast nationally and the company focused on takes live calls from potential customers. This creates an environment that is conducive to making many thousands of sales simultaneously while also creating a targeted list of future contacts.

Obviously, Barrett is a visionary who has realized the dream of many Internet marketers. He has developed and marketed his business and as a result, has hacked out a niche in the direct marketing industry. From pizza chef to millionaire in a relatively short period, Donald Barrett has positioned himself as a marketing guru with further aspirations.

Remembering his days of Internet marketing and the process of developing his company, Donald Barrett has recently taken this idea to the next level with the launching of ITV Ventures. ITV Ventures brings the infomercial methods to the masses of Internet marketers. What was originally meant for the health and wellness industry has been adjusted to accommodate the network marketing industry.

This is a revolutionary idea that opens doors heretofore closed to the community of network marketers.

Donald Barrett has taken the "friends and family" out of network marketing. With Barrett's new company, the average Internet marketer can bring their business to a national audience. In addition to that, Barrett has also opened the business to anyone who wants to join with his team. Those who do join are eventually IBO's or independent business owners who can use the system for marketing purposes.

Another option is to take calls in your home with their home agent program. This is a way for anybody to make money just by taking calls from live customers generated by one of Barrett's infomercials.

In any case, Barrett has brought the possibilities of big business advertising methods to the masses of home business network marketers worldwide. Barrett's visionary tactics have proven themselves time and again as his business has had wild success that is sustained. They have recorded the following statistics:

• Six years of recognized industry success
• $400 million in annual sales
• Over the last three years, revenue growth of 70 profit on ALL retail sales

Donald Barrett has brought the network marketing industry to a new level with his creation. A brand new niche is now open for network marketers everywhere. Barrett's dream has accomplished what other programs only dreamed of and THAT was his goal from the beginning.

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Answering the Call!
Lisa Fine
ITV Independent Business Owner

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