Dare women who are moms and wives admit they don't think about sex often nor take the time to make sure it happens?

Dare they confess that by the time they leave work, run three errands, slap dinner on the table, straighten the house, prepare details for the next day, check e-mail, pay bills, paint their nails, order a corsage for their student's prom, wrap a birthday gift, and check the dog for ticks (maybe watch a favorite sitcom) that sleep rules over feeling sexy?

Will they be deemed an inattentive wife if they just want to slip into something more comfortable ... like their oversize T-shirt and soft cotton PJ bottoms, and secretly hope hubby is snoring like a buzz saw by the time their tired being hits the pillow?

Does that make for a bad wife? And is she even a worse partner if sex is sometimes the lowest priority in her day?

She asks … who has the energy to be a sex kitten besides a porn star?

Do women care, or bother to ask their friends, how many times they and their husbands have sex - not in a day or a week as the early years of sweet love afforded them - but in a month?

Women know it's essential to share that physical bonding. Couples who engage in sex often will say they fight less, hold hands more, and feel the love. If only there weren't so many distractions in a household, sex could be a lot of fun!

When it finally happens, many say, "Ahhh, we should do this more often!" as they lay in the sweet afterglow, totally relaxed, and not caring if the dog has 10 ticks.

A woman wishes she could think about sex more often; wishes she could be more like a man and pop into the mood in three seconds flat. Yet everyone knows how the anatomy works (no fair).

Sometimes sex can be a chore, women will admit; and know they aren't alone in these thoughts. And maybe chatting about sex among the girls is becoming even more taboo with age. Everyone's embarrassed to admit they aren't keeping up with the Jones.

Or just maybe, there isn't any action over at the Jones' either.

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Baltimorean Suzanne Molino Singleton is a freelance columnist on smartwomanonline.com, examiner.com, and writes the weekly inspirational e-column SNIPPETS on SNIPPETSinspiration.com. When not writing (which isn't much) she plays house with sports celeb Ken Singleton, a NY Yankees broadcaster, and their dependents.