In British Columbia we love to hate Telus, in Australia they love to hate Telstra, in New Zealand it's Telecom, in the States it's any number of phone companies.

A few days ago I emailed Telecom NZ to find out what my options were for internet access while there.

I'm sure I have some memories of Telecom in the dark recesses of my mind but I didn't think twice about emailing them. My New Zealand friends were probably rolling their eyes and wishing me luck!

Within 24 hours, Grant from Telecom emailed me a list of alternatives he thought might work in my situation.

I was definitely impressed. Have things changed in Telecom? My kiwi friends assure me they haven't.

So, was this just a fluke?

No, it's all about resisting. Or not resisting.

Wayne Dyer says when we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change.

This is how I see it: time and distance had removed me from the whole conversation about Telecom NZ. And my resistance to it.

The Law of Attraction states: we attract to our lives whatever we put our attention, energy and focus on, whether wanted or not. If you're curious about the attention, energy and focus you've been putting into any aspect of your life, look at what you're attracting - it's a perfect match.

We are usually attracting things by default, ie. unconsciously. What if we were more intentional?

This is the whole premise of the Order Book Process my clients use - you decide how something is going to happen for you. You write it as if it's already happened just as you wanted, including the emotions you feel now that you have the outcome you want. You write as if you had no resistance to it being that way. It works like magic. But really, the magic is in you deciding what kind of attention, energy and focus you're going to put on something.

It's the same in business. Who do we love to hate? How about Canada Revenue or the IRS?

Two years ago I was audited by Canada Revenue. The fear and stress I felt when I received that letter from Mr Chan told me a lot about my resistance.

My accounts were pretty organized (in a Vicky sort of way) but I had definitely been resisting learning exactly what was needed. I knew I wasn't making stuff up, so as long as I was straight about my expenses and income, there shouldn't be anything to worry about, right?

The more I looked at what I had attracted, the more it all made sense. After all, I'd been putting out to the Universe the desire to build my business - so of course the Universe is going to provide me with opportunities to address anything that stood in my way.

Knowing there had to be a gift in this situation, it didn't take me too long to realize Canada Revenue were there to help me with my business. I chose to refer to 'My Friend Mr Chan' whenever I thought or spoke about the writer of THE letter even though all around me I was hearing about how Canada Revenue are a law unto themselves and they were out to get us - the little people! And there is plenty of evidence of that to be found for sure.

But knowing about the Law of Attraction I knew I didn't have to be another piece of that evidence.

The seven months this whole process took was not fun by any means. It was time consuming, frustrating and took me away from other things. I learned many things: that credit card statements were not enough proof of expenses; that having an accounting system that made sense to Canada Revenue actually made it possible for me to have a better idea about where my business was at and made it easier for me to keep track.

I learned there were things I shouldn't have claimed and I learned there were things I hadn't claimed but should have.

And I was very fortunate to have amazing support from a friend who was an accountant to help me through the maze.

The result? I received $5000 back - which was very different from the prediction my friend Mr Chan had made in his original letter. In the end there were some things they really should have allowed as business expenses but didn't - but I'm more than happy with how it turned out.

Now, I'm pretty sure if I had gone into battle with them my resistance would have come through loud and clear in all my communication with them, it would have put a very different energy out into the universe and created a very different result. And I would have had way more stress than I had for that seven months.

I know if I'm ever audited again it will be really easy to get everything together to present to them and I won't experience the stress I experienced this time. And equally important, I now know exactly where my business is at month to month.

So, who do you love to hate? Is there a business, corporation or person you'd like to experience something different with?

Are you willing to experiment with dropping your resistance?

Are you willing to open yourself to a different outcome? Despite all the proof you've been collecting that justifies your position?

Try it and let me know how you get on.

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Vicky White is the go-to-gal when it comes to Feng Shui and the Law of Attraction. With her expertise and gentle nature, she helps women feel empowered and clear about what they're doing in their lives - even during difficult transition periods. Get her free report, "The 5 Biggest Attraction Mistakes: and How You Can Avoid them" and see what manifests in your life!