Who are you wearing?

Every day and every moment of every day we can, and should, choose who we wear.

We often give more consideration to what we wear than to who we wear. We are concerned about the colour, style, cut, fit and brand name and hope that these will create the correct image we want to display. Understand that clothes are merely an accessory. Clothes don't make the model, it is the model that makes the clothes.

It has been said "Of all the things you wear, your expression is most important" and this is true because it is your expression that creates the first impression that other people have about you.

Your expression displays your emotional state at that moment. Expressions can be fleeting but no matter how fleeting they can create a lasting impression, and they display your character. The way that you react to any situation, especially a bad one, reveals your true character.

And it is by your character that you are known. Your character determines your reputation and your reputation is your "designer brand" your "label" it is how others "know" you.

So, who are you wearing? What is your brand? How do you see yourself? How do others see you? And the most important question of all, how do you want others to see you?

You have it in your power to determine your reputation but first you have to define your reputation. What do you want other people to think about you? How would you like them to describe you? How would you like them to remember you?

Take every role that you play, parent, spouse, partner, employee, employer, child, sibling, citizen, etc. and ask yourself, who are the most important people that you interact with in this role and how would you like them to feel about you, talk about you and remember you.

Then constantly evaluate your behaviour and ask yourself if the behaviour that you are displaying will get you the reputation that you desire or destroy the reputation you desire.

Is your brand worth wearing? While you should pay attention to what you are wearing and strive to create a good impression with your clothes you should pay more attention to your expression and your behaviour to ensure that your "personal brand" is a desirable one.

So, Who are you wearing today?


I pay attention to my behaviour to ensure that I am acting in accordance with the reputation that I desire and the Personal Brand I have chosen for myself.


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