Do you believe we live more than once? Do you believe in Reincarnation? It's a yes or no question, but when most people answer, they answer with an explanation.

Reincarnation is an interesting thought or concept to entertain. Are we really spiritual souls just having a physical experience? Or do we simply return to dust at the end?

Truth be known - there is no truth to be known. Believers can't prove that its true and Scientists can't prove that its not (without a doubt). So, if one is to believe in reincarnation, it is a personal choice that falls into the realm of faith. Now such open faith usually resides in the hearts of those who also believe in a higher power. A God above all else. And with a strong belief in God, many, many things become possible. Reincarnation is an easy concept to believe.

But it is also interesting that to which God one praises matters little. Most religions throughout the world, and throughout all of time for that fact, have believed in an Eternal Soul. Nowadays, it's really only the Christians who don't teach it, and the Christian bible is reported to have held a lot of information about past life and future predictive concepts, with King James the First removing most of the references in his modern version.

Karma is one of the major components of reincarnation. Karma is a law that says 'We are held accountable for all of the actions in our life, as governed by those of a higher power'. If we live a good life, and achieve what we set out to in our soul agreement, our soul progresses in the order of things and is faced with new lessons to learn and grow from. Accordingly, if a person is bad, and fails miserably at achieving their goals, they will be in revision next time around.

The soul's eternal journey takes place upon the pathway between darkness and enlightenment. It's a very long path, so any progress is very rewarding.

For those who view their existence from this bigger perspective, it is the entire journey that brings happiness. The soul's entire existence. And for these people, to live each day as their higher self is the goal. To be continually aware of their higher thoughts. To know all of the lessons they have learned in all of their lives. That is the present moment challenge of spiritual development.

Wouldn't it be good to be able to look in on your past life? Pop in, relearn the lesson you have already studied and return to now. Well it is possible! The choice to visit past lives is one taken by many people each and every day. Through a relaxation meditation, your awareness can realize the experiences of your previous existences. Guided Meditation is the tool that makes Past Life Regression easy.

Everyone has a slightly different experience in the session. Some see vivid scenes of full color - even richer than real life. Others just get flashes of different images and must put the pieces together. Some just develop a knowing of something to be certainly true. But however it comes; you can witness how you lived, how you died, and what you needed to learn in that existence. You may even be surprised to see or recognize the soul of someone who is in your social circles today. Those who have regressed say that its from the eyes you can tell.

In a past life regression meditation, you relax, regress, look, learn and return. You can come back at any time, and in fact, most people are brought back before they want to. They wish to stay and savor the experience.

Hypnotherapy sessions are also used to regress, but spending time one on one with a therapist can be very expensive, and often the patient is so deep that don't have awareness or recall of the journey. They must listen back to a recording to learn the lessons. Guided Meditation is much cheaper and you can enjoy the journey as you experience it.

People of this day are striving to grow spiritually, just as they have been in all times before. Although our environments have changed, people still have an inner drive to explore new spaces within themselves.

There are still those who devote their entire existence to the practice of faith and spiritual development. They are usually removed from general society, possibly living in a monastery high in the hills, sitting for years in periods of silence or prayer. But for the rest of us, spiritual development varies between an interest and a passion. Our efforts to evolve spiritually must also be practical.

A Guided Meditation is the easiest way is to explore your past lives in the comfort and safety of your own home. There are many Past Life Regression Guided Meditations available. It is well advised to seek one from a reputable and accountable therapist. Insist that your meditation is delivered by an experienced professional. Previewing the meditation is also a great way see if you have an affinity with it. Go with your intuition.

What you learn from your Past Life experiences may explain your current habits, character traits, or even fears. If you explore, you will learn and grow. Knowing what you have learned in previous lives will progress you further down your spiritual path.

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Nigel Coates is the moderator of Explore Meditation.
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