Now is a great time to be setting the stage for 2003. It’s
time to be making space for more of what you want and
stretching those possibility muscles. Are you ready to
propel yourself to the next level?

By creating environments that pull you forward, you are
supported in living your best life. This could mean
setting a deadline that pulls you forward in the action you
need to take, or creating a physical environment that
changes your energy.

1. What you would regret not having done if you knew you
had one week to live? What is one step you could take this
week towards reaching this goal? Can you find a picture or
object you can place in your home to symbolize your goal?
In Feng Shui this is known as an enhancement, and will
Serve as a powerful anchor to your intention.

2. Clear your clutter - this is the biggest thing you can
do to create space for the new. You can never do it too
often! Anything that is draining your energy needs to be
addressed. You need all your energy to live a full life.
Surround yourself with things that make your heart sing!

3. What do you have on your walls? Your artwork is
supporting you or working against you. Make sure you
consciously choose your artwork for what it says to you
rather than whether it matches the color scheme in your
home! And, make sure it’s saying what you want it to be saying.

4. Find pictures in magazines that appeal to you and make a
collage or 'treasure map' by arranging them on poster
board. This can be on a specific goal, such as travel or
prosperity, or it could be on all the different aspects you
would like to have in your life.

5. Write a descriptive piece as if you have already reached
your goal. Where are you living, what are people saying to
you, how do you feel when you get up in the morning, what
do you do with your day etc? Write it in the present tense
as if its happening now, and put as many emotions into it
as possible. Write it out on your favorite colored paper.
For additional power, you can use this as a Feng Shui
enhancement. For information on where different aspects
of your life, such as prosperity, are represented in your home or room see:

6. After you've cleared your clutter, using the Bagua Map,
decide which area you would like to enhance. Do you want
to increase your prosperity, improve your relationships,
maybe travel? Place something that symbolizes this for
you, in that particular area of your home or office.

7. Surround yourself with people who support you and
inspire you to be your best. Friends who remind you of who
you are when you forget, and friends who will lovingly be
honest with you, will support you in your dreams.

The Universe has many more resources and ideas than you do!
It’s your job to stay focused on the outcomes you’re
choosing, create environments that pull you forward, and
watch for synchronicity and surprises.

© 2002, Vicky White. All rights reserved. May be
duplicated with attribution and copyright notice intact.

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