How much power, or energy, are you giving away to a situation? Giving away one’s power depletes the body of universal life-force energy. The energy system is the essence of life; it’s also referred to as chi, life force, soul. Our energy system reflects both illness and health. Repeatedly losing life-force energy can lead to physical and emotional depletion and render the body ill.

Disease is a byproduct of an imbalance in life force energy in the physical, emotional, or spiritual body. The imbalance can manifest itself as physical problems, in situations, or as patterns. There are many ways to release stagnant or blocked energy from the physical body and the energy field surrounding the body down to the cellular level. However, the key is recognizing that a shift has taken place. And it’s the who…what…where…when…why questions that helps us to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

According to Caroline Myss in her book, The Anatomy of the Spirit, “individuals must have an internal concept of power - an ability to generate internal energy and emotional resources, such as a belief in his or her self-sufficiency. Our attitudes and belief patterns, whether positive or negative, are all extensions of how we define, use, or do not use, power. Not one of us is free from power issues.”

Many people who lose something that represents power to them for example: money, a job, a game, or who lose someone in whom their sense of self or power is vested, for example: a spouse or lover, a parent or child have the potential to develop a disease. Our relationship to power is at the core of our health. It’s imperative that one becomes conscious of what gives or takes away power.

Identifying your power issues facilitates healing from any illness. That's why it's so important to pay attention to any messages your body and intuitions are sending to you about those issues.

The human energy field contains and reflects the emotional energy created by our internal and external experiences, which can be experienced, as positive or negative. The human energy field is a buffer system from the outside world (our environment) to the inside world (our bodies). It’s how we experience and perceive life. How we relate to the self, to others, and to the outside world. It’s a means by which we gain awareness. This emotional force influences the physical tissues within our bodies.

When having conversations or experiences with people pay attention to where you feel it in your body. There is an energy exchange taking place; and it will be positive or negative. If the theme is negative and repeats itself over and over to become more than a feeling in a specific area and has the potential to progress towards dis-ease.

So let’s say you go to a job every single day that you can’t stand. (The energy meter goes down) Or perhaps you have a significant other that always has to be right, no room for compromise. (The energy meter goes down) Or maybe you use your children as an excuse as to why you don’t allow yourself at a minimum 5 minutes of alone time per day. (The energy meter goes down) Or maybe you have a significant other that is inconsiderate of your needs and is downright selfish. (The energy meter goes down) Maybe there is physical, mental, or emotional abuse taking place in your personal or business life. (The energy meter goes down) Maybe you have a lot of negative self-talk. (The energy meter goes down) Maybe you or someone that you care for has had a serious injury. (The energy meter goes down) And the list could go on and on.

When a shift of energy takes place in or around us that raises the body’s stress level it sets forth a pattern. Depending on the situation if this pattern isn’t broken and/or steps taken to rejuvenate yourself it leads to feelings of unworthiness, being unloved, not being respected, fatigue, anger, jealousy, increased anxiety, and nervousness to name just a few. Basically some form of physical, emotional, or mental negativity has taken place and this definitely has an effect on the body. A shift of subtle energy can leave one energized or depleted.

So what can you do? Well pay attention, pay attention, pay attention to situations, people, circumstances. Do you feel better or worse? What is happening? Where do you feel it in your body? Does it happen when you are around a particular person? Does it happen when you are in a particular situation? Have you ever been told you are overly sensitive? Everyone has their own energetic styles, some are beneficial, and others aren’t. The body gives us internal clues, from external situations, and steps can be taken to avoid failure of our health. It’s all about paying attention to your body’s intuitive signals.

Every act of each person creates a resonating vibration in the world that can move life to a higher level of functioning or to a lower level of functioning. It is necessary to learn how to dissolve or release negative patterning that lies within our cells for “whole” health.
This technique can be used for many situations. Here a just a few examples of when to ground yourself: at the start your day, before on important meeting, anytime throughout the day, before you give a presentation, before you participate in an athletic event, before you make an important call, when someone has been less than kind or polite, or when you feel fatigued. When driving, please keep your eyes open! Use the grounding technique frequently so that your body gets used to feeling in balance. You’ll become aware of when a subtle change has taken place, and you can rejuvenate yourself immediately and have a greater sense of well being.

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Mary Kraemer RN, offers a holistic intuitive approach to health, wellness, and abundance. She is an author, speaker, coach & medical intuitive specializing in the mind-body connection for healing, stress/pain management, self-empowerment strategies, emotional release techniques, and the Law of Attraction. Visit her at