I have finally come to understand the true meaning of the phrase,“ Relationships come in over calm seas.” Life is very much about relationships. Furthermore, learning the language of relationship travel is very important if we are to enjoy and successfully leave our gift on the kitchen table of this lifetime behind, signed or not.

Like most individuals in search of clarity with regards to the purpose of our lives, I too have in the past, fallen prey to the popular solutions available. And like most, these remedies always seemed to fall short. They lacked a substance of which I couldn’t describe at the time. When I searched my inventory of ethics, all seemed to be in place; Faith, Hope, Love, visualization, imagination, action, enthusiasm, support, both financial and family. In fact, over the years I had investigated every popularized secret remedy (books, movies, religious studies, spiritual seminars, psychological methodologies, and more) known to mankind… at least I thought I had. Yet, in spite of my thorough attempt of executing a flawless game plan for owning my purpose based on all of this accumulated insight, I still felt that there was something very obvious that I wasn’t seeing. Perhaps it was because I saw myself as this great artistic director forming a band of professional repertoire dancers in an attempt to showcase the spirit of dance and how nature shows up in the way we move through life. If this was the case, why was it every time I took action towards this pursuit, my curiosity with looking at man from a more rudimentary perspective kept diverting my attention? I decided that the powers that be were not going to assist in parting the way for this dance theatre to emerge until I handled this fundamental curiosity with the nature of man first. Thus, I postponed the dance.

Fast forwarding past twelve years of research and applied study exploring the nature of man and why it is he does what he does, I overturned, unraveled and unearthed the answer. It was in the obvious all along. Rather than being inside of man … it was outside of man. It wasn’t buried in his past, waiting to be addressed. It wasn’t in getting in touch with how he felt or in closing his eyes and listening to God. In fact, every time I personally did that, God said, “Open your eyes!” With this discovery of looking at what stood in front of me, “in my face” so to speak, came the need to explore the beginnings of language. Oh what a tangled web of deception language weaves. Man is not an honest lot and the more we spoke, the further from our self and the more blind we became to reality. It is likely we are so confused by the language of the media and all the woven advice that percolates about us that the Hubble telescope likely could not bring us the visual clarity we require to undo this disastrous mess we have gotten ourselves into. At least, that’s what I used to think.

Since my intention is not to make this about the answer to what is missing in man’s ability to see but instead knowing when we are guided, I will continue to chronicle this somewhat unique travel experience. Hence, once I was able to determine which parts of man’s evolutionary experience actually was verifiable and objective in nature, I began to share it. This sharing experience brought with it some amazing results. Soon scientists, clergy and prestigious experts began to take an interest in my little speeches of self-discovery. Before long I was the expert and teaching something I didn’t even know existed 12 years earlier in my life. In fact, know one knew it existed and the truth is, I didn’t even know in the beginning what I was looking for, but instead that there was something to be found. I did this by following my curiosity. It was like discovering hidden treasure; the humor in it being it was so far from hidden that I could hear my mother say, “if it were a snake it would have bitten ya”. I could not have imagined the discovery of such knowledge would allow man the opportunity to change everything about the way he successfully does life… everything.
And it’s not a secret. It’s simply bypassed because man is so self-absorbed that “he can’t see the forest for the tress”, another one of my mother’s favorite sayings. Even in his state of seeming selflessness, he is often too pre-occupied with the altruistic task at hand. Most are not able to see and access the information available in the moment to effortlessly succeed and survive. What they frequently see is distorted by the language of man. Unfortunately, man does not know what to really look for or how to look for it, but he will. Everyone will. Perhaps not in my lifetime, but in time. I know this to be true because I know I am guided. It’s like watching a bird fly. There are those moments when he flaps his wings and exhausts himself and there are other times when he does nothing to waste his precious energy but instead he simply soars. He lets the air current and wind foil take him to wherever God intends. He has no attachment but simply enjoys the ride. This is when life gets fun. This is when we discover what we need and more.

Today, I still don’t have a spiritual dance company… but I will when and if God intends. Right now I am soaring. I am on purpose. I simply glide through the day sharing my discovery. I train people that can maintain the integrity of this amazing gift of reality that was revealed to me. People representing this relationship tool see the need of keeping it authentic, scientific and objective… so it doesn’t get spun or tangled again. Today, I joyously give away my discovery believing that by paying it forward it will have greater longevity and stand a better opportunity of healing this planet and all that lives inside, outside and around it.

We know we are guided when our initial dreams take us in an even more rewarding direction for mankind. It may not look like what we originally had designed in our thoughts but purposeful thoughts always produce the miracles of man. Our purpose is revealed when we step into that curious state of wonder and get out of our own way. We need not direct it… God is in charge.

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