Something occurred to me today. When we create, we are fully alive.

Maybe I’m most aware of this because I create all the time now, in my mind and in the physical dimension too. As a business owner, creation is an amazing cycle that begins with a tiny notion or idea, then grows and blossoms into a fully manifested message, product or service. To witness creation is to be part of a miracle.

How does this apply to those those low times in life? Perhaps depression is living in the absence of that spark of creation. Through creation, I am hopeful that depression can be healed. As a coach, I have witnessed clients light up after long spells of depression. As I nudge them to explore something creative, even reluctantly, they begin to shift. Countless times I notice that as they continue to light up, they immediately embark on further creative processes to enhance their lives and the lives of others. Soon it becomes automatic as creativity feeds the soul.

To be of service we can all encourage each other to be creative. There are more ways to create than we can easily list - song, words, textiles, cooking, decorating, jewelry, hairstyles, speeches, musical performance, gardening, floral design, marketing, product development and relationships. Choose creation as a mean to be fully alive and pay attention to what happens. You might just create a miracle.

Author's Bio: 

Betsy Muller, MBA, EFT Cert., C.EHP and Energy Coach is the founder of The Indigo Connection LLC, an integrative coaching and training company based in Strongsville. Betsy’s 27 years of practical business experience offers her students a wealth of ideas for creative problem solving, connecting with others, reaching goals and finding joy through healthy life balance. Betsy has facilitated Artists Way study groups integrating Emotional Freedom Techniquest EFT since 2006 and enjoys sharing creativity as treasured self-care strategy.