I got an email from a regular client a few days ago wanting to cancel her phone appointment because she was doing well. Now this was a client that is working with me prior to her coming here for retreat. I have had a handful of clients do this in addition to enrolling in the Long Distance Clearing Work and I have found that when they do come here we are getting very powerful results.

I wrote the client back and said I thought it was important to keep the appointment because when you are in a good place you are much more likely to hear something at a deeper level. After I finished the email, it surprised me that I haven’t written about this dynamic sooner because it’s important!

It’s a logical idea: when you are in a low mood or insecure or reactive, it’s hard to hear something. You are in a place of needing an answer and that’s a difficult place to hear something from. I have communicated to clients who are in low-mood and answer and the response is: “No, that’s not it.” Then half hour later, when there mood is better, I have said the exact same thing and they get it!

I got sober in Minneapolis 25 year ago and I was very lucky to meet a therapist by the name of Joe Bailey. Joe is now a best selling author and a leader in his field. I met Joe very soon after he was introduced to Health Realization, a new paradigm in psychology. Eventually I moved back to New York but every six months would fly back for a little retreat and spend time with Joe and his associates. I was always a wreck when I got there—depressed, angry, sad, etc.. After my third trip, one of Joe’s associates, who always annoyed me with her perceptiveness, pulled me aside and said, “Greg, next time, why don’t you come back when you’re in a better place, you might just hear something!” How annoying! She was of course, right! Thanks, K.

That was very sound advice and one I would encourage people to hear to act it. One of the things I am teaching people is how they psychologically function via an insight. That’s important distinction--through an insight not their intellect. So it’s much easier to receive an insight when you are in a higher place. When clients quiet their negative thinking down, they hear deeper.

Does this mean not to call me or come for retreat when you are in a bad place? No! But sometimes I try to get clients feeling better before I really start to talk to them. Remember, brothers and sisters, nice feelings, higher feelings are always the path to your wisdom. The more you are in them, the more you access your wisdom or live in your wisdom.

So next time you are feeling really good about yourself and your life, give me a call!

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Gregory Drambour is the author of The Woodstock Bridge, the well-acclaimed book about Native American Spirituality. He is your guide on your Sedona Retreat. He owns Sedona Sacred Journeys, a spiritual retreat center in Sedona, Arizona. He publishes stories on Cancer Survivors, Sedona Vortex and Retreats