Forgiveness is very important in order for us to Master our lives. But it’s not the kind of forgiveness that you might think. Most people believe that forgiveness means to accept that wrong was done to us and that the person who did wrong just didn’t understand, or was stupid or whatever we try to tell ourselves so that we can attempt to let go of the pain.

But when we remember that we are living in an illusion or dream and that every person is an aspect of us then there is nothing to forgive because it didn’t really happen anyway.

When you have a dream at night do you have to forgive the person who did you wrong in the dream? No, because you know that it was just a dream. This physical experience is also just a dream.

Every person in your dream is your creation and they are only doing what you scripted for them to do. Each person is only a reflection of your beliefs and fears!
So if someone says something hurtful to you it simply means that you already believe that the hurtful statement is true about you.

True Mastery is becoming invulnerable to the dream. Invulnerable to the people around you and to the events and circumstances you find yourself in. You created it all through a belief in your separation from God.

Daily practice of this Mastery Principle is always available. This morning I was feeling very light and connected to God and very aware of this illusion. I was feeling very empowered and playful knowing and feeling the truth of this being a playground. I had even had the thought that my children are my favorite creations.

…then it happened. I went in to my boys’ bedroom to wake them up for school. And I was not met with “good morning mom” from my youngest but with whining and complaining that I didn’t wake him up early enough to watch cartoons.

I immediately reacted to his complaining with anger. Why would I get angry when it’s just a dream? Because it’s a bad habit. That habit of instantly reacting without thought is reacting out of fear. This is a perfect opportunity to apply forgiveness by denying the reality of the world.

He was a reflection of how many times I thought I wasn’t getting my way so I began complaining. In fact my anger was simply my way of whining when he didn’t wake up the way I would have preferred him too. When I came to my senses (probably 1 minute later) I remembered that my children are my favorite creation and I told him and we enjoyed a delightful hug.

What does it mean when there is nothing to forgive? It means that we are not guilty!
And as the Course in Miracles say “the guiltless mind does not suffer”.

Weight Loss through Self Love Update

We just finished our 5th session last night. Out of 7 participants 5 out of 7 have lost weight. Weight loss varied between 2 and 14 pounds. Most participants have done nothing to change their eating habits or exercise habits. The individual with the biggest loss has drastically adjusted her diet, but states that it has been without cravings or feeling deprived.

The groups focus is to release the emotions that make us overweight in the first place. All participants agree that they already feel better about their bodies than before the program began. As the program continues we will continue to address emotional issues as well as beliefs about our body, aging, and weight gain and if necessary we will address diet and exercise.

As we become emotionally lighter we naturally become physically lighter.

Although I am not currently offering another weight loss group I am offering one-on-one sessions. If you would like more information or would like to schedule your appointment please call me 480-203-2546.

New Class

Reclaiming Your Power from Money
Do you want to change your relationship with money?
Would you like to do what you love because you love it and have money show up for you?
Would you like to stop making decisions in your life based on money?
Would you like to stop allowing money to define you?

This is not a Law of Attraction program. This program will help you to understand and live the premise that “there’s no out there out there” and how it applies to money. We will be using emotional freedom technique to release your deepest hidden beliefs about money and what it means to you. We will also be using hypnosis to reclaim your power over money and the illusion we live in. We will not be discussing how to make more money or “chasing money” we will be opening up to our already abundant Selves.

This is an eight week program. I am only taking 8 participants so that everyone will receive personalized attention. You must be committed to the program and listen to the call every week. Each class will be recorded so that you do not have to be on the call live. You must agree to do the homework every week, which will include tapping every day and hypnosis every day. Your financial investment is only $350.

You may call me to register at 480-203-2546.

Author's Bio: 

Michelle Lee, Certified hypnotherapist, EFT Practitioner and Soul Practitioner specializes in Self-Love and Spiritual Mastery. Michelle understands that Self-Love is our only path to rising above the illusion. Because we are all expressions of love when we fall in love with ourSelves we are falling in love with God. Self-love is the natural prerequisite to authentic harmony, peace, joy, love and success.