As a Long Term Care Specialist, I am often asked by consumers and audiences, “What is the best age at which to buy long term care insurance?” My answer is always the same, “if you can tell the future, buy long term care insurance about three months before you need care.”

Unfortunately none of us have a crystal ball. Sometimes you will hear financial planners say to wait until you reach age 60. Try telling that to the super healthy Karate Instructor, a health guru in his early fifties who suddenly had a series of strokes. He may never be able to get long term care insurance and now his wife is afraid they will lose everything.

Those who start younger win!

Take three women ages 55, 60, and 65 all in excellent health. Have them buy the exact same coverage 1. and have all three go into claim at age 85. Believe it or not, the 55 year old woman will have paid the least premium over her lifetime ($46,440 versus, $48,000 versus $51,600) and she will also have the largest pool of benefits ($648,000 versus $528,000 versus $414,000). Does it really make sense to wait? Not necessarily!

Get Long Term Care Insurance when it is appropriate for you!

The right age to buy long term care insurance should be based on your life milestones, not your physical age. For some people, 60 is the perfect age. They are still in good health, the kids are just out of college, they have no debt (except perhaps the cars and the mortgage) and they are diligently funding their retirements. Other people reach these milestones at age 50.

Talk to a Long Term Care Specialist.

The bottom line is this: every family is different. For some people long term care insurance will make sense at age 45; for others, it will never make sense. Get in touch with a Long Term Care Specialist, an independent agent who specializes in this type coverage. Express your concerns and let the agent build a customized plan that fits your specific needs. Make sure the agent can provide you with WRITTEN side by side by comparisons of all the major plans including premiums, contract comparisons and financial ratings. Armed with this information, you can determine when and if long term care coverage is appropriate for you.

1. Each single woman purchases a Genworth Classic Select Policy in the state of Georgia with the following benefits:$150 daily benefit, 3 year pool 5% compound inflation protection, 90 calendar day deductible/elimination period.

Author's Bio: 

As an independent long term care specialist, Karl Bruns-Kyler has been assisting families for many years to protect their assets and their loved ones from a long term care crisis. His practice is based on a simple philosophy:

Educate the consumer.
Give the consumer side by side comparisons.
Allow consumers to make up their own minds.
Help the consumer avoid irreversible mistakes.

Mr. Bruns-Kyler received his under graduate degree from James Madison University in Virginia and his graduate degree from Columbia University in New York. He and his wife of 19 years live in Roswell and have two children. For the past four years, his family has been hosting exchange students from Germany and France. Karl is a Certified Senior Advisor, a board member of the Columbia University Alumni Association of Atlanta and is very active with the Cub Scouts. Mr. Bruns-Kyler often speaks to groups on topics affecting seniors.

You can visit his website or by calling 770-518-6299. His email is