Not all things are predictable, nor are we prepared for everything that arrives in our life. When thrown a curve ball in life it is important to gather the facts and consider your options before responding. Moving away from the emotional response is key to making a good decision when you have to deal with an unexpected circumstance.

When your life is in order you are less likely to be thrown off balance by events out of your control. It is much easier to handle hurdles when you have been taking care of business along the way.

If you have an event which is catastrophic having a close support system in place will be beneficial. Whether it is a personal or professional set-back the right people and resources will give you strength when you are weakened.

The Curve Ball Notebook:

Keep a notebook handy with the all the important information in your life including the names and phone numbers of those you may need to contact in an emergency. Consolidating this information in one handy place will reducing the stress and time to gather it in the midst of a crisis. No one wants to spend time looking for a phone or account number while they are emotionally distraught.

Take time to prepare for situations in advance and organize your important stuff properly. The key to surviving uncertainty will be preparation.

Author's Bio: 

Since 1987 Shellee Hale has been consulting with corporations, individuals and attorney's regarding their personal and professional goals helping to implement strategies and action plans that work. As one of the pioneers of (ITIL) Information technology infrastructure library consulting for businesses Shellee Hale learned a great deal about the importance of every individual’s personal well being and the direct ties it has to the success on a team. Using similar strategies as a Private Investigator, Life Coach, Counselor and Litigation Consultant Shellee Hale uses a combination of skills and resources to pull together that winning case. I share some of my personal opinions, thoughts and experiences on my blog at hoping to encourage cooperative work ethic, positive growth and swifter goal achieving on any project.