A Face Reading article yesterday set me thinking. It was a New York Daily News feature, posted at Yahoo, sent by one of my apprentices. And I’m delighted that Face Reading has been brought to public attention. But I went “Wait-a-minute” when the face reader mentioned that she uses it to tell which checkout clerk at the supermarket would be fastest.

Having been a professional at Face Reading for more than two decades, I’ve heard people say things like, “There are so many ways to read people, why bother with Face Reading?”

That supermarket checkout idea is a great example. Sure, you could look for a clerk with lowbrows or an extra-long Priority Area III (i.e., the length from nose tip to chin is longer than hairline to eyebrow, or eyebrow to nose tip).

By the time you got close enough to check out that data on all five cashiers, you might have gotten checked out already. Hey, your groceries could be busy Twittering, just to kill time.

Meanwhile, wouldn’t it make more sense to find the shortest line? Or you could simply watch each clerk for three seconds, figure out who has work ethic and who’s more on break. That isn’t even reading Body Language, more using Surface Smarts.

Now, I love Face Reading and use it in plenty of practical ways. Face Reading is great for learning secrets about people, profiling them in depth and detail. (In fact, my system is actually called “Face Reading Secrets(R).”)

Face Reading can be used as well for overall communication, for spiritual growth and for bolstering self-esteem. When you become sophisticated about reading people, however, you will want to know this:

Depending on what you wish to find out, sometimes you get the very best information from Face Reading. Other times, Body Language is best. Still other times, you really need to do Aura Reading.

Since I use all three methods, I wrote the first book combining them. One of the most practical ways to use "Read People Deeper" is to find out when Face Reading, Body Language, or Aura Reading would work best. In "Read People Deeper," I take 50 of the most nitty-gritty things you’d ever want to learn about people and show you how to find the information best.

Although there are always ways to use each of the three methods, depending on what you wish to find out, one method may clearly be superior. That’s the case for the three following situations.

When Face Reading Works Best

1. Learning how people really deal with money

Sure, it’s on our minds these days for some reason. Between the recessionistas and the big spenders and the controversies swirling around us, isn’t it fun to inject some sanity into the mix? Formerly my Face Reading students centered on this if they were in sales, or else prospecting for someone to marry. Now all of us want to know.

One quick tip is that, looking at a nose on the level, you can size up nostrils.

* Large nostrils correspond with big spending.
* Small nostrils go with frugality.

For a more sophisticated look, supplement reading nostril size with a quick peek at nostril shape, and nose tip proportions. You’ll do your Face Reading financial profiles with extra finesse.

2. Learning when to keep your mouth shut.

Here’s where Body Language won’t help at all. Aura Reading is way too much work for what you need. But Face Reading works perfectly. So Goldilocks would definitely choose Face Reading!

For any conversation, except a phoner, look that stranger you’re talking to straight in the lips. How much lipfulness do you find?

* Full lips suggest the person likes to hear juicy details, self-disclosure.
* Thin lips tell you, “Don’t tell.” Stick to the facts. Get the business done. Discussing intimate, personal details or emotions or other self-disclosure could well embarrass the one you’re speaking to.

Blabbing away until you have ruined the conversation is NOT when you want to use Body Language!

3. A quick take on liars

Learning how to spot liars is a fine art, and I’d love to teach you. A skill that subtle takes a one-day workshop, not a paragraph.

ronically, most people who pride themselves on reading liars are wrong as often as not, as demonstrated in a study on trained FBI investigators. With my full method, combining Body Language + Aura Reading + Face Reading, your accuracy can go up to 99%.

If you just want something quick, however, Face Reading is your ticket. Find the person’s mouth. (Hey, you’ve had practice with our Point #2!)

Check out the center of the face.

* Compare how much mouth is on the right with how much is on the left. (My technical term for this is mouth pull.)
* Compare how much the mouth angles up at one corner, versus at the other corner.
* Whether that mouth is smiling or talking or in repose, you still can read this.

In general, the more pull to one side or angling up at one side only, the less you might want to trust that speaker.

Learn Face Reading

If you need to read people quickly and easily, but in depth, should you stay on the surface, reading expression? No way! Use Face Reading to read the secrets. Find a system you respect and carry the book around with you, like a birdwatcher’s guide… but for people.

I’ve never been that good at spotting the colors on wings, but people are bigger than birds. Faces are fun to watch. And every item of Face Reading you learn will be yours for the rest of your life.

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