Many people who try antidepressants to relieve their depression find that the antidepressants just don’t work. Living with depression is painful and can even become debilitating, and those who live with it know that depression can rob them of energy and motivation. Those who suffer from depression are more likely to have physical health disorders that those who do not suffer from depression.

Why do antidepressants sometimes not work to alleviate depression? Some types of antidepressants do not work for some people. It is advisable to try another antidepressant if one medication does not alleviate depression. For some people who have tried three or four different medications unsuccessfully, they have found that their depression does not respond to medication. Researchers have found the best way to treat depression is through antidepressant medication and psychotherapy. Many depression sufferers find this combination works well, and many who benefit from this combination feel that the medication and therapy are a necessary combination in the treatment of depression. Unfortunately many doctors who prescribe antidepressant medication to their patients never mention that they might benefit from counseling or psychotherapy.

Another reason antidepressants often do not work to alleviate depression is because of the side effects experienced while taking the medication. Studies have shown that a surprisingly high number of depression sufferers who try antidepressant medication stop taking the medication because of the side effects. Many depression sufferers feel it is better to live with the depression than with the side effects they experience while taking antidepressants.

For those who have found antidepressants to be unsuccessful in treating their depression, there are alternative forms of treatment. Babies are not born depressed. People do not enter the world depressed. We become depressed from experiencing the world around us and our thoughts concerning those experiences. Many depression sufferers have lived through bad childhood experiences and abusive parenting. Many have also experienced spousal abuse. After suffering from these experiences, many people will start to abuse themselves. Depression is a form of self abuse.

Some depression sufferers insist they had normal, happy childhoods and feel they should be happy, but they are depressed instead. For those who suffer from depression for unknown reasons, life can be frustrating and uncertain.

There is hope for depression, even when antidepressants and other medications do not work to alleviate it. Anyone who suffers from severe depression should get help immediately from the professional community. Most communities have a crisis center and have immediate help available for those who feel suicidal or homicidal.

Depression sufferers who are experiencing mild to moderate depression symptoms should look into the growing number of alternative treatments available. Some of these alternative treatments include cognitive therapy, massage/touch therapy, acupuncture, aromatherapy, expressive therapy, animal-assisted therapy, and many others. Some people who have suffered from mild to moderate depression have pursued one or more of these alternative treatments and found ways to alleviate or completely cure their depression. Depression sufferers take note: There is hope. There are many and varied treatments for depression, and you can find the treatment that works for you.

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