Irregular Menstruation Irregular Menstruation means that period cycle, bleeding volume, bleeding color are beyond normal and some kind of symptoms occur, such as period advanced or delayed or not predictable; period volume too much or too little etc. Irregular Menstruation could be an indication of many other women diseases. Chinese medicine deems this from four aspects: cold, hot, weak and solid, and, after treatment with Chinese medicine, often receive satisfactory results.

Habitual Miscarriage Habitual miscarrage means continuously three times of miscarriage occurred with under 20 weeks pregnancy and natural birth. Chinese medicine deems this disease has a relation with the strength of kidney and the condition of spleen and stomach. It is important to take attention of the after-abortion conditioning in order for the preparation of next pregnancy. Chinese medicine has an excellent role on strengthening kidney and spleen, benefitting blood and fetus in very early stage of pregnancy, and therefore promoting fetus growing well.

Infertility Infertility means women cannot be pregnant after marriage or miscarriage or abortion for two or more years. The treatment of infertility is unique for Chinese medicine. As long as a patient does not has serious physical defeats, Chinese medicine often receives better results than expected.

Dysfunctional uterine bleeding Dysfunctional uterine bleeding means irregular bleeding at vaginal, which is caused primarily because of the dysfunctional of the ovarian. Chinese medicine deems this disease is because of the spleen and kidney inadequate, “qi” stagnant and blood silt. With the targeted treatment, Chinese medicine receives excellent results on this headache.

Chronic Pelvic Inflammatory disease The main symptoms are lower stomach pain and congest, waist sour, more and yellow leucorrhea, more volume and longer duration of period. The regular anti-inflammation and pain killer medicine do not receive good effects. However, Chinese medicine can achieve satisfactory results.

Menopause syndromes During the period of 45 to 55 years old, some women may surfer irregular period, period volume change, hot and sweating, dizziness and palpitation, insomnia and agitation or irritation, and so on. These symptoms are called menopause syndromes. With dialectical point of view, Chinese medicine adopts balancing between positive and negative, conditioning body “qi” and blood, targeting both causes and symptoms so that receives obvious good results.

Cyclical headache Women’s cyclical headache means those headache related with women’s estrogen level, occurred before, during or after period time. Based on the location of headache and clinical behave, together with acupuncture, Chinese medicine works real good with no side effects.

Uterine prolapse Uterine prolapse means uterine, for some reason, drops from normal place, even out of the vaginal. This disease mostly occurs on old-age women or those doing heave labor. Chinese medicine has its own unique way to dealing with this disease.
Afer-birth disease Clinically, we see many maternal surfer from after-birth stomachache, non-stop bleeding, no milk or less milk, stooling difficult, sweating, joint pain, and so on, occurred after birth. Chinese medicine treats these after-birth diseases with very good effects according to patient’s characteristics of weakness, stagnancy, coldness, hotness, body physique, tongue and pulse.

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Doctor Jiaying He is certified with the National Committee of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. Certificate number R070410A55