Did you get carried away with the weather being nice? Did you not stretch before attempting your physical challenge? Are we stiff, can’t bend at the waist, experiencing back pain or hip pain? Is the mere fact of moving around not pleasant?

Is the physical discomfort enough for me to contact my doctor? The Nurse Practitioner suggested a prescription for relief or moist heat treatment, cold therapy and rest. I don’t like taking pills; so began the quest for a non prescription method for pain relief. Moist heat for back pain, moist heat wraps, I don’t have a hydroculator, what to do?

The Nurse Practitioner suggested BodySense Aromatherapy Hot and Cold Products. She uses them and highly recommends them to her patients.

Heat has always been used in various forms for therapeutic use. The history of hot packs, sunlight, heated sand, and heated water were initially used as an effective means of therapy for ailments and pain. Early users of heat therapy also obtained heat form hot stones and coals, open fire, and irons. The earliest hot water containers consisted of hollow dried fruits and bladder or skin of animals. The first scientific inquiries into the use of thermotherapy were conducted in the early 19th century.

The application of heat relaxes muscles and increases the flow of blood to the treatment area. Enhanced local tissue metabolism and improved blood supply lowers the concentration of pain producing toxic metabolites, this combination offers relief from pain.

How often should hot packs be used? The application of therapeutic heat should be used when motion is limited by stiffness. Thermotherapy is effective in controlling inflammation in sub-acute or chronic stages, for tissue healing, and to improve range of motion before physical activity and rehabilitation.

I focused in on a BodySense Large Pack (12" x 12") and purchased it online. I was impressed, it keeps the heat for up to 45 minutes, is weighted to apply gentle acupressure while enhancing the deep penetration of moist heat into muscles and joints. The Pack stays cold up to 30 minutes and unlike regular ice packs, does not "sweat" and requires no towels or covers to prevent injury to the skin. The added bonus, the packs make a terrific bed warmer offering a variety of sizes. What is better, hot or cold pack? The moist hot packs method works for loosening the tight muscles and relaxing the body and mind. There is quite a variety for the BodySense, moist hot packs uses.

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LMT and Refexlogist in Las Vegas with 10 years experience with her own business.