What “The Secret” Left Out

When I watched the movie “The Secret” I wondered why Dr. Paul Leon Masters, founder of the University of Metaphysics and the University of Sedona, objected so strongly about some parts of it. I agree with Dr. Masters that it’s good to think positively rather than negatively, which the movie does a great job of promoting.

But after reflecting on it, I realized that, as a University of Metaphysics student, I had a spiritual foundation already in place that a lot of people who saw the movie didn’t. So when I watched the movie, I understood that the Law of Attraction is just one of many laws. There are many other laws, and trying to use only the Law of Attraction to create a great life is like trying to eat one food and obtain vibrant health. There must be a balance.

The biggest objection Dr. Masters had concerned God. God was mentioned only once in the movie that I remember. I believe that each of us was born here on the earth to fulfill a special purpose just like Jesus Christ. It is not up to us to decide what that purpose is. It was decided before we were even born! Being a student at the University of Metaphysics has taught me that it is the Universe that tells us what our purpose is, not the other way around! And whatever we ask for in connection with that purpose (or God’s will) we will get it.

In addition, there was a statement in the movie where someone (I think it was Joe Vitale) said that the Universe is like a catalog and all you have to do is put in your order, and the Universe (or God) will give you the desires of your heart. Fortunately, it doesn’t work that way. And I say fortunately because some things are just not in our best interest.

Would you give a two-year-old a hot coffee pot? Just like a parent will not give a child something they can’t handle, the Universe will never give us something we can’t handle. And you will not be given things if you have the wrong motive or the wrong attitude.

A good case in point is the recent backlash against Oprah for starting her school for young African girls. Oprah has repeatedly asked God to use her and that I believe is the reason why she has been blessed with the amount of wealth she has. She wants to do things to help others, which she has done for many years. Those criticizing Oprah don’t understand how the Universe works. First of all, when we criticize anyone, we are blocking whatever good that was on its way to us. Second, asking for riches for our own selfish pleasures doesn’t work. If those criticizing Oprah had the right attitude and asked to be used like she asks, they would have the same level of wealth or even more than she has.

Just asking for money for yourself and not being concerned about others is not something to which the Universe responds. You’ve got to want good things for other people as well. Dr. Masters predicted that a lot of people who try to implement the principles of “The Secret” are going to get discouraged and disillusioned and give up, thinking that this stuff just doesn’t work. He compared it to the Transcendental Meditation craze of the 60s. He tried to tell people that there are different ways of meditating, not just TM, and they would be wise to find what works best for them.

Unfortunately, we were not taught in school that we are here to serve. We are taught that we should get good grades so that we can go out and get a good job. Most of us listened. And now we have a nation of addicts in one form or another because the work from that job we got is unfulfilling. So, the only thing left to do is try to fill our emptiness with material things. But, accumulating material possessions will never make us happy. Yet, we have out of control consumer debt that’s still on the rise, proving that people are trying to fill the void that only God’s true purpose for their lives can fill.

Although I didn’t agree with everything the movie said I’m glad it was released. It is raising the consciousness of people, which I believe is a good thing. But the movie only scratched the surface.

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