In keeping with my Prosperity theme this month, I want to talk about your prosperity quotient. What is that? It's how ready and willing you are to live prosperously. Now, you might ask "why wouldn't I want to live prosperously?" and, perhaps consciously, you do want to be prosperous. However, if you have unconscious blocks to attracting prosperity, you are in essence telling the universe that you don't want to be prosperous.

The first question you need to answer for yourself is what does prosperity mean to you? What does an abundant life look like? How much are you earning? What kind of things exist in your environment? What work do you do? Who are the people you spend time with? Prosperity means different things to different people. The definition matters far less than your ability to be in alignment with that definition. For example, if you say you want to be rich, but at the same time you harbor a secret belief that rich people are stingy and selfish, you are blocking your attraction of wealth. It makes sense when you think about it because of course you don't aspire to being stingy and selfish. The by product of Unconsciously adhering to your values of generosity and service is keeping you from living prosperously.

Now I certainly don't wish to seem as if I am suggesting you be stingy and selfish, however, I am strongly suggesting that you REDEFINE what being rich means to you. Once your vision of wealth and the wealthy includes generosity and service (or whatever positive traits you value) you are on your way to manifesting prosperity for yourself.

Spend some time this week considering your positive and negative beliefs toward wealth and reframe the negative ones so that they are in alignment with what you see as being important characteristics that you wish to embody. The more you can envision the wealthy as people you would like to be like, the closer you are to enjoying your own prosperous life.

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