In today’s political arena, once again the topic of should we tax the rich to give more to the poor arises. Why shouldn’t the rich pay more taxes than the poor? They won’t miss that money. It won’t affect their standard of living. Why shouldn’t those with money help those without?

I will tell you why this is inherently wrong. Since we live in a capitalist and democratic society, then those who are successful are rewarded. Likewise, anyone can become rich. You can be born poor and be among the wealthiest in this society (a lot of the rich are amongst these people). This is what makes America great. We reward those who work hard and succeed in their fields. Who decides which people succeed? We do.

We need to reward those who succeed financially or what motivation and incentive do people have to succeed? Tell me, why do you work? One reason is to provide for your family and provide a nice, comfortable lifestyle for them. So, some end up with more money. Take Oprah for example. I choose her because we all know who she is. She is wildly successful and wealthy because we (the poor) have made her so. We watch her show, buy her magazine, watch the movies she makes, etc. We are the ones who have given her wealth.

Why should we punish those who are innovative and successful in this country by taking their money through taxes? Shouldn’t we entrust them to give their money to the causes they want to support instead of to the government where who knows where it will go?

Those who want re-distribution of wealth, class warfare, and socialism should move to Russia, China, or Cuba. The Russians tried it in the form of the Soviet Union and we all know what happened to them. Bread lines, poverty, kidnappings, repression, etc. Is that really what Americans want? I somehow don’t see us standing in a line for hours for a loaf of bread and maybe some honey.

Moreover, why does everyone want to tear down those who are successful? I believe there is something inherent in humans that make us jealous, fearful, and envious of those in power and successful. We want to be that person or have their life. We rejoice when the powerful fall and secretly jump with glee. “It serves them right for being so greedy,” we say. Yet, don’t we want at least some of what they have?

This leads to my next question: Why do Europe and the world hate us? I believe because we are successful. We rebuilt Europe after WWII and they resent us for that. In fact, there is not one country we haven’t helped over the last few centuries and all we get in return is resentment, bitterness, and even hatred.

Why do women want to tear down other women as evinced when Governor Palin emerged on the national scene? Women from all walks of life and all levels of society emerged just to tear her down. What does that say about women and how we treat each other?

We all should rejoice in our fellow man or woman’s success. It is great when people have the ambition and drive to improve their lot in life. What is wrong with that?

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