You say you want "stuff"...but do you have room in your life to receive it?

You want to be loved, to be at peace, have wonderful relationships, look and feel good, find a better job, be respected and recognized for your work, make more money, grow your business, advance your career and so forth--but have you "emptied out" the unproductive aspects in your life to make room for your new desires?

If you haven't:

What's currently taking up the much needed space in your life?

Emotional clutter, baggage, tolerations, hang-ups, fixed perspectives, belief systems, attitudes, excuses, fears or debilitating habits can occupy a large part of your life and prevent you from pursuing or receiving anything new--even if you wanted to!

Even when you somehow manage to achieve your desire--you might still grapple with thoughts about how to "squeeze this new thing" into your already "overcrowded life" and how to make everything else work smoothly at the same time. If you fail to effectively manage your "overcrowded life" you become stressed and may involuntarily sabotage the very thing you've worked to achieve.

For instance, many people want loving relationships and yet they end up sabotaging them because they haven't yet made "room" for that kind of love in their lives. Their lives are so overcrowded with "baggage from past relationships"--that when they eventually meet someone new, they are not ready to love and be loved. It's not that they don't want this new and beautiful relationship--it's that they simply are not ready! They haven't got rid of emotional baggage from past relationships, closed certain chapters of their old lives, worked on themselves or even adopted new positive attitudes. As a result, they remain stuck in undesirable situations.

When you have no room for the "stuff" you want, you become conflicted because on one hand you want to achieve your hearts desires and on the other, you don't feel 100 percent committed to receiving it. When you are not fully committed, you lose motivation. When you lose motivation, you struggle to achieve your goals and this often leads to self-sabotage and a feeling of being stuck.

Ponder Point:

Are you stuck in the same undesirable situation?
What do you need to get rid of today?

It's important to constantly evaluate your life to see what's working and what's not working. Today is the perfect time for some personal "spring cleaning."

Out with the old and in with the new, fresh and inspiring life you want!

Consider your life for a moment...

Is your life full to the brim? How can you make room for the things you want?

Dealing with a bad boss? How can you make room for a better working relationship?

Frustrated with your career? How can you make room for a more fulfilling one?

Stressed at work or at home? How can you make room for peace?

Want a loving relationship? How can you make room for love?

Want to get out of debt? How can you make room for financial freedom?

Want to lose weight? How can you make room for a healthier lifestyle?

Want to feel good about yourself? How can you make room for self respect?

Want to succeed in business? How can you make room for growth?

Make room!

Author's Bio: 

Caroline coaches women, provides strategies and solutions, motivates and helps women who want to do better for themselves. She is the author of "Settle for Less No More" a motivational book for women. For more topics like this visit to gain the momentum to do better for yourself and get the results you want!