It's been one week since we elected a new president.

It doesn't matter if you are a Democrat or a Republican, change is coming to town.

So what are we in for?

Take a look at these headlines from the Wall Street Journal last week. That's right these headlines were all in last week's papers.

"Bank Clampdown Dogs Economy"

"Lending Standards Keep Tightening, Increasing the Risk of a Prolonged Recession"

"Car Makers Woes Put U.S. In A Bind"

"Economic Worries That Produce a Rout"

"A 486 - Drop Follows Election Day Rally"

"Auto Sales Plunged In October"

As I pen this newsletter the Dow Jones is up 150 points. That's good! However, in a couple of hours it could be down 400 points.

Selling during good times is never easy.

Selling during tough times can be difficult at best.

Okay, so you're a professional sales person, what are your options?

For one thing you can stop selling on price.

If you want to start selling more, start selling the intangibles.

Don't jump in the cesspool of doom and gloom - leave that for your competition.

When buyers are nervous and stressed out, their default reaction is to talk about price. It shouldn't be your reaction - ever.

Remember the intangibles don't have price tags.

The intangibles are what make your company unique.

The intangibles are what make your products/services unique.

The intangibles are what make you unique.

Selling the intangibles is more profitable than selling purely on price.

It's the goodwill you and your company splash on your prospects and customers.

Become a champion of employee morale within your company.

Leverage your know-how and seek to build relationships.

Collaboration is priceless in seller and buyer relationships. For example you can offer to help write the specifications for an upcoming RFQ.

Be gracious in all selling situations.

Always be smiling. It's been said that being happy doesn't make people smile, but smiling makes people happy.

Always have an attitude of gratitude and thank everyone who helps you in anyway.

When people are down you can build them up with your positive expectations about working with you and your company. I suspect that people who work in negative environments are attracted to people who possess positive attitudes and positive expectations.

Always be positive and always expect the best outcomes.

Imagine how a new sales prospect might react if you said something like, "You don't realize this, but I'm about to exceed your expectations."

Don't read the headlines - be the headline!

Be the fountain of new ideas.

Be the torch that sheds light on new ways to solve old problems for your sales prospects and customers.

Forget about playing by the rules - change the rules!

Stop talking about price and start selling the intangibles that you, your company, and your products offer.

The sun is always shining above the dark skies and storms you encounter.

Expect every sales call to be better than your last one.

Expect to exceed every sales quota you are given.

And if you expect to be prosperous you will live a life of abundance, especially if you stay focused on selling the intangibles.

Author's Bio: 

Jim is a former U.S. army officer serving in Germany and was a Public Information Officer on a General’s Staff while serving in Vietnam.

He was also VP of Sales and Marketing for the Scientific Products Division of Baxter International.

Jim has been nominated to the National Speakers Association Hall of Fame four times.

Jim has been in business 20.5 years . . . has 514 corporate clients . . . 83.3% repeat business