Have you ever wondered why some people are incredibly successful while others are just squeaking by? Why for some, everything they touch seems to turn to gold while for others it falls apart?

The bottom line is that we all have the same opportunities at success. What gets in the way is our mental blocks and emotional barriers, also known as programming.

Programming is a term used for beliefs that you have picked up through childhood and beyond. For instance you may have learned that money cannot buy happiness or that wanting money is greedy. By having these beliefs you will unconsciously sabotage your money making opportunities. The kicker is that most people are completely unaware of their belief systems.

In reality there is no reality. Reality is entirely what you make of it. How you experience reality is the sum total of your belief systems. Everything is a story.

Ask yourself:
What amount of money is ok for me to make?
Maybe $100,000 or $100,000,000 per year. Which number makes you the most uncomfortable? At some point there will be a number that creates discomfort in your body. That’s because you hold beliefs about what is ok to earn and what is not ok to earn. At some point you hit the number that feels like “too much”. Then fear sets in and you may fear what people might think. Or you may worry that you cannot handle that kind of money. But it’s all just a story…none of it is true.

The greatest emotional block to having success in all areas of your life is self-worth. You have the house that you have, the income you have, the relationships you have because they are what you feel worthy of. It becomes necessary in order to move forward to release the beliefs that keep you stuck.

The good news is that programming can be changed quickly and easily through the powerful process of combining intuition, Emotional Healing Technique and hypnosis to identify and release your most limiting beliefs. Then allowing you to live up to your highest potential.

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Author's Bio: 

Michelle Lee is a Certified Hypnotherapist, Soul Practitioner and Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner specializing in removing the emotional, mental, and spiritual block to your success. Michelle Lee understands that all success stems from a loving relationship with your Self.