DoFollow, it is a confusing term, therefore many do not understand what it means to be a dofollow site. As a website owner you have the ability to decide if you will code your site to be a dofollow site or not to be a dofollow site. If you allow dofollow on your site, then you are allowing those who place their link on your site, such as in a blog comment to gain credit for that link.

This credit helps to increase their page rank or ranking on Google. People appreciate your allowing them to do so and like dofollow sites. Many social bookmarking sites are NOT dofollow sites, which means that they do not help you in your quest to gain rank.

For example, Delicious is not a dofollow site. Don’t stress though there a lots of do follow sites, including those that utlitize social bookmarking. Some great dofollow sites include:

Wordpress blogs, though the owner can change this with a plugin.

Article Submission sites are also dofollow including: Digg,, and Go Articles.

Social Bookmarking sites including: Ma.gnolia, and Yahoo Bookmarks.

Finding and utilizing dofollow sites can help built backlinks to your site and help increase your page rank they are smart to use.

Author's Bio: 

Dawn Pigoni
Social Media Virtual Assistant