A lightworker is a person who is holding the vision for society as a whole – working with conscious awareness to create balance and harmony within his light body, and thus vibrating in resonance with the higher frequencies of the ascension process.
A lightworker uses his or her imagination and powers of visualization to think and feel at the finest levels of consciousness, and so to adjust the energy blueprint of her light body to reflect the New Earth Consciousness which she is manifesting.
A lightworker lives his life in conscious awareness where he chooses consciously to create, from within his soul energies, a way of life for human society which generates New Earth awareness for everyone.
The changes she brings about within her Self are created by what she is being. It is quite normal for a lightworker to find that she is "between jobs" and, in a way, living a life that is different than most people's.
You find lightworkers stepping outside the drama that has been inherent in life. They live in a world buffered from group consciousness with its fearful elements, and are creating a different reality which, as the number of lightworkers increases, is creating a new level of human consciousness for all.
This is coming about as the consciousness of all lightworkers joins up naturally, through their awareness and coherence. We are starting to see a new group consciousness, free from fear, and an underlying orderliness in society.
Synchronicities are becoming natural and life is flowing with much more ease towards where we actually want to go. Negative tendencies are naturally falling away and being replaced by a feeling of love flowing through the body, which is helping create balance, health, and a life of peace and of feeling a part of the greater whole.
Relationships are becoming much more unconditional, with love being shared from a full heart. Neediness is falling away and people are becoming open and free with each other. Family life is growing in harmony, as all family members come into the New Earth energies, and all reflect this natural harmony and maximize personal growth.
A steady trickle of money is starting to appear in the lives of lightworkers, as they begin to live their dreams from within their own heart. Their careers are coming from within, and they know their own life purpose. As they provide products and services for others within this new career structure, all they need or truly desire is flowing effortlessly into their lives.
Health is becoming normal for lightworkers, as they align their life to their soul’s purpose and allow their love to flow out to all aspects of their life. Lightworkers are beginning to look younger than their years, as stress levels fall, and harmony and abundance prevail.
Healing comes naturally from within the energies of a lightworker, and harmony and personal growth are blossoming as each person honours his own nature, and lives his dreams and life purpose in natural harmony with all around him.

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