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I have had a great start to the year, with many opportunities. I have found my voice in many ways, introducing my newsletter as the most adaptable way of self expression.

I was thinking this week, I can be seen in two different lights; One as a kundalini, spiritually developed and evolved master that believes in unconditional love wholly and on the other side is a very insecure and uncertain person who is still young and sometimes rebellious.
So here I am trying to integrate and fit into the world knowing how much I have been through and what a strenuous journey I have been on to be able to offer wisdom and support to many. Realising I still have a lot of my human 33 year old traits to let go of as I switch my thinking to just being ‘the soul’ not the body the mind and the soul, but wholly the infinity of light.

But through this I realise, the importance is in understanding self respect, why should we respect ourselves and what is it in us that we are looking to present to the world…

Whilst on youtube this week, I stumbled across that answer for myself, when I saw some very cool and innovative kundalini videos that presented both the dark side and the light side of the effects of a spontaneous kundalini awakening.
So I decided to write a song …

Since I have been learning to use the keyboard since mid December 07 I decided that why not begin my budding career in music!
So I am looking for a holistic singing coach to fully embrace the journey!

Its time for change and t o expand my creativity beyond the visual and fully embrace the audio, but of course a very cool and trendy video would always be very seductive to me knowing that the 33 year old part of my body is very much apart of my soul and open to all sorts of cutting edge modes of expression.

Having resolved some very heavy issues in my life I am beginning to enter into Joy and enjoying - expressing joy, I am discovering singing as a key tool in this. Embracing all parts of my being I am very aware means expressing myself visually and through sound so I guess it’s the next stop. But how did I get there, what is kundalini and is it necessary to enter into

Spontaneous Kundalini Awakenings!
Well, medically the whole concept is generally not understood and therefore a bit frowned on, sometimes it is seen as a form of psychosis so its best to be careful how you communicate your experiences and questions. Philosophically I see many parallels with many on the great philosophers as being called the path of ‘radical doubt’. Many of you may have read Socrates description of the cave and come out with the light.

However if a spontaneous awakening takes place Dr.’s can be helpful in calming the nerves and the mind if fear sets in. Kundalini experiences can be very dangerous as not everyone makes it through the transition, however in Indian ‘Guru Culture’ they are considered the path to enlightenment.

So, the transition is in becoming the soul instead of the mind, or body, or the soul. We give ourselves permission to act from a soul level primarily and give our minds the role of sorting out the practicalities in life like money, work and physical things.

For me getting to this place was because there were no solutions to ‘my problems’ available, in my immediate environment and I really was in a very dark place. So I looked deep into my being and listened very attentively to my inner voice, it took over a year when I was 21. I was told to find one truth in life, one amazing nugget of realisation that no matter which way we look at relationships people or life was true to everyone in every culture and dialect. That partenered the following realisation;

If my soul had lived for eternity it was pretty experienced in dealing with all aspects of life; it has died and been born hundreds of times, it must have experience heavy abuse, violence and may at times been on the other side of that. Its been a mother, father, sister brother and had probably had every illness possible. So therefore, in this life when Dr.s and specialists where unable to help me I decided to play my trump card.

This process began by me seeing into the eyes of truth with my ‘truth’ nugget. in the mainsteam most people are on the kundalini path because of illusion or deceit in their lives at a very early age as it informs an awareness of trying to understand what is real or unreal in day to day relationships and sexuality. We all know how much on a daily basis is people sell us things that aren’t helpful to us personally, or scaming us because of what they want not what we fundamentally need. Having a kundalini awakening makes it that bit more possible to see deceit in marketing, lovers and scams. However you have to fully embrace it all to move past it and understand the positive value in the dark side without having to take on the negative value. That is when enlightenment really kicks in.

How do you know when it is happening…?
You feel a massive surge of energy moving from your root chakra up the back of your spin to your crown, it makes you feel like every thought or confusion you have is being blasted with energy and you enter into light! You then become very psychic as if over night. However the darker side is you become vulnerable spiritually and mentally at this moment and your sexuality becomes magnified because of the power of energy in your root chakra. However if your path of enlightenment is carried out with a good teacher you should be completely safe.

Making sure you understand psychic protection inside and out is a very valueable tool. If its already happened but you relate to some but not all of what I have said you have probably had an awakening in part, to fully awaken its worth joining a psychic development circle. In my development circles I teach people how to reach the consciousness of enlightenment in a safe way, so they don’t have a spontaneous kundalini awakening, they just embrace ‘kundalini’.

Awakening ‘Kundalini’ can give us inner peace. Being on that path can help us be sure of our our integrity and truth in a way that gives peace of mind. So I have the ability now to sit with an ‘empty’ head and meditate for hours, I move through problems quickly and effectively . It doesn’t stop problems from coming up but often they are much easier to resolve. Living so closely with my soul means I have memories that are from my eternal presence, so it means I really can get to know myself, who I have been, what motivates me and likely goals I want to aspire to in this life. Personally I am happier here but I would never suggest anyone goes through what I did to get there.
Please email me any questions, ‘Kundalini’ is a massive subject that can be very daunting and scary until you have grown into your enlightened self.

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Amanda Mcgregor works creatively with consciousness, to help with empowerment, creativity and to bring peace to people.